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Great food and fun atmosphere!

Melissa, April 29, 2017

All of the workers were really friendly!

Lizzie, April 15, 2017

Loved Naco Taco - excellent food, great pricing. I would definitely return and will tell my friends! Thanks very much! Great place! The scale below isn't working - I'll say 5, highly recommend!

Philip, April 9, 2017

Food and drinks were both so fantastic and fresh! Can't wait to come back (a lot) and check out the patio! We went when it was 95 degrees and needed AC. I'll definitely be back!!

Gloria, June 8, 2016

Great food and pleasant service!

Penelope, February 15, 2016

Great food, large portions and good service.

Steven, February 9, 2016

Tasty and fun!

Amy, February 6, 2016

For me, this is now the best taci joint in town.

Jim, January 31, 2016

Great food awesome staff and the Patriots won that day!!! Thanks!!

Leonard, January 19, 2016

We loved Naco Taco! Service was great, margaritas were yummy, and most of the tacos we tried were delish. The atmosphere was great. We'll be going back!

Jacqueline, January 6, 2016

we love it. my son is a picky eater he like food there ..

Nounouce4eva, December 29, 2015
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