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The staff were great. Very friendly and helpful.

Rebecca, April 6, 2019

Very helpful, looking forward to going back

Kevin, April 2, 2019

Helpful staff.

Robert, March 31, 2019

The store was extremely friendly and the staff helped my child, a first-time comic shopper, find some books he will enjoy! They also appeared to have some great board games.

Lucy, February 19, 2019

This store had everything I was looking for and more. Friendly, knowledgeable people. Lots of games, cards (MTG, Pokemon, etc), and collectibles. Some dice and blind boxes. Lots of comics! Something for every fandom.

Jacqueline, February 17, 2019

great place, staff is knowledgable and very helpful. Game nights, comics and so much more. work the trip from anywhere

ROBERT, February 8, 2019

The owner was super helpful and friendly and they had a great assortment of locally crafted games and comics!

Alia, February 4, 2019

I would highly recommend this place. The gentleman helped us with a lot of passion and was very genuine 👍

Rani, February 2, 2019

I had a great time talking to the guys at the Book and Board; they sold me a fun and beautiful board game.

Adria, January 31, 2019
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