The Floridian makes a wide variety of sandwiches in addition to the award-winning Cubano. The turkey sandwich was declared the “Best Turkey Sandwich in Tampa” by Creative Loafing and every year ranks in Tampa’s Top 50 Restaurants as well. Located in the heart of Tampa on Kennedy Blvd for breakfast lunch and dinner there is no reason to look for a REAL Cuban sandwich anywhere else when the best is right here. The breakfast sandwich is excellent as well.

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So good! The best Cuban I can remember having...good fries and great service!

Nikki, November 14, 2019

Sandwich was very good!

Kevin, November 11, 2019

good food

Mathew, November 8, 2019

the customer service was great and the lady helps me make a meal that was vegan.

Nina, November 5, 2019

Great Cuban rice and beans!! Also very affordable place

Kelsey, October 29, 2019

Great lunch. Quick, tasty, and reasonably priced. Would recommend

Mitchel, October 28, 2019

Good Cubans, quaint ambiance, nice staff

Bex, October 26, 2019

Fast, friendly, and efficient!

Shemeka, October 21, 2019

Great place for eating. Very friendly staff. Will be visiting again very soon.

Randall, September 8, 2019
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The Floridian