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Knight Moves Cafe in Teele Square, Somerville is a board game cafe with hundreds of titles to play, and great coffee. Your living room away from home!

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Good selection of games and coffee/cake however lights are extremely bright and chairs not as comifortable so olayong for hours isn’t ideal. Otherwise good spot to spend a few hours!

Johanna, November 20, 2018

Very friendly staff, feels like a home, large selection of games

Luca, March 27, 2018

If you love board games, this is the cafe for you! there are literally 100's of boardgames and various versions of board games. The latte wasn't half bad either. I would 10/10 recommend.

Sean, February 12, 2018

I HAD THE MOST FUN HERE. I went to the one in Cambridge. We played Risk and Carasconne. It's a little pricey however, but it's cheaper than buying all the games. If you want to try out a game before buying it, it's a good idea to come here and try it out prior to purchase. I'm excited to go to the Brookline branch because they have 3000 boardgames which sounds like a dream.

Elaine Joy S, February 12, 2018

The idea of a cafe where you can chat with friends over tea or coffee and a board game is such an excellent one that I can't believe I've never seen a place like this before. It is awesome. I appreciate the cafe's great game selection, delicious tea (MEM tea...yum), laid back style and helpful staff. I went with a friend but will defintely be going back with my (school age) kids. I had a great time. Much better than a boring old ordinary cafe.

Joanne, January 31, 2018

I love knight moves. It is such a fun place. The staff are amazing and so welcoming. And the lattes are delicious hot or cold. 5/5 highly recommend.

Ambrose, January 8, 2018

Great place to play games with friends. Highly recommend the iced americano!

Mystful, September 25, 2017

I love this place! So many games to play, and the owner is always happy to give recommendations and teach a game. There are always other people willing to join in to form larger groups to play together as well. Definitely recommend going here if you love games and want to meet some new people to play with.

Abigail, May 19, 2017

Great place!

Sara, May 6, 2017

Everything about Knight Moves was awesome. The staff was very friendly and helpful, the wall of games to choose from was amazing, the coffee was great, the price is right, and we had a ton of fun playing new games

Beth, March 7, 2017

Would probably not have gone without the Nift. It was fun and would come back.

Darlene, February 23, 2017

Loved it! Would like there to be more food available.

Victoria, February 22, 2017

The cafe was cozy and had a large selection of games ranging in complexity. The art on the walls was interesting and the. Up of tea was fantastic (free water is self serve - also fantastic!). I wasn't sure how to use my nift so I didn't accurately say how much we spent when I filled out the form, but we all got a drink and then a stranger walked in and asked if he could join us (we were the only people there) and we said yes so he spent an additional $10.

Lynn, February 19, 2017

Friendly service, great selection, lovely evening!

Ryan, October 16, 2016
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