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People love discovering this place.

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The owners are SO friendly and welcoming! We loved chatting and laughing with them. The ice cream is delicious with highly generous portions as well; we will absolutely be back,

Caroline, February 9, 2019

Loved this shop! Great ice cream with friendly owners.

Kate, February 5, 2019

This was a nice surprise. I will absolutely be visiting this place many more times.

Mitch, February 5, 2019

The staff was very friendly, and the ice cream was great!

Gopi, February 2, 2019

Great place! With fun flavors at reasonable prices :)

Kathryn Coale, January 30, 2019

We loved this ice cream place - flavors were yummy and the owner was friendly. Glad to have discovered a new ice cream store through NIFT. We will be coming back!

Yi Tak, January 13, 2019
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415 Medford St, Somerville, MA 02145-2702

Tipping Cow Ice Cream