KenkoDo means "the path to health" in Japanese, and that is exactly what we provide to the members of our health community: guidance on their journeys back to health. KenkoDo was established in an effort to improve the health of those in the greater Boston community, and we deeply believe in medicine that empowers patients to embrace a partnership in maintaining health.

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I've had regular massage and body work of various modalities literally hundreds of times from dozens of therapists over the past 30 years. I was so happy to discover Jessie at Kenkodo, who is not only a highly skilled, deeply resonant massage therapist, but is right down teh street, a ten minute walk. It's one of my most favorite experiences, to walk to a massage and walk home. Not having to drive means being able to enjoy the relaxed, blissed-out state afterwards on a peaceful stroll home.

Sharon D., April 12, 2018

Jessie was really great! She was able to accommodate a last-minute appointment request by email, which was so helpful, and was attentive to my preferences for massage pressure. The service overall was great and I hope to visit again.

Heather L., March 30, 2018

Kenko Do is an exceptional space with friendly employees who are flexible, helpful, and provide great services.

Camila F., March 5, 2018

Very helpful and enjoyable experience.

Marie M., February 21, 2018

I had a fantastic massage therapist (Jessie) and a really great experience here. Will definitely be returning!

Maryam A., February 16, 2018

Wonderful skilled masseuse!

Katherine M., February 3, 2018
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