Growing Up is a children’s resale boutique in Belmont, Massachusetts. We offer a wide selection of gently used boys & girls clothes, toys, books, gear, and maternity wear. People from all over the greater Boston area come to us for carefully selected pieces of Gap, Hanna Anderson, Gymboree, Mini Boden, Japanese Weekend, and many other beloved brands. Since opening, we have expanded the store and doubled our space, which means double the inventory! We would love for you to stop in for a visit, bring us your gently used items and find some great new things.

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Helpful knowledgeable staff!

Stephanie, December 24, 2019

Great place where you can find all sorts of children’s clothing and footwear. More selection for younger children than older (10 years+). Go there with enough time to sort throw because there’s get things you might find at very good prices.

Marcella, December 12, 2019

Great local store to recycle children items within the neighborhood. Great concept and awesome community building spot.

Xing, December 12, 2019

Large selection, variety of sizes

Gabrielle, December 11, 2019

Wonderful mission for our community. Local store to: reduce/REUSE/recycle children’s items. Environmentally conscious. Friendly atmosphere.

Michelle, December 8, 2019

I got some good buys on clothes for my grandson. The Nift certificate made it even better!!

Carolyn, November 30, 2019

Great selection of gently used, and even some new clothes, shoes, boots (even ice skates and tap shoes). Well organized. Excellent prices!

Susin, November 12, 2019

There are a lot of clothes.

Lisa, October 1, 2019
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