Fuji Steak House SUSHI

Enjoy date night, family dinner, dinner with friends, or any occasion to celebrate with us. Try drinks, dinner, dessert, and more from our menu. We also have a sushi menu.

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Fuji has delicious food - the hibachi meals are wonderful as well as the soups, sushi, etc. Highly recommended!

Adena, October 24, 2019

Great family atmosphere and a fun experience for dinner!

Arielle, September 2, 2019

Great Japanese restaurant, kids enjoyed show, food is tasty.

Angela, July 26, 2019


Devin, July 17, 2019

Good food, good service, and the hibachi chef’s are very entertaining!

Ken, July 10, 2019

Fuji was fantastic all around—great food, service, and value. Will definitely go back many more times!

Mike, June 1, 2019

First time to this local joint and it will definitely become our go-to sushi place. Planning to go back with our kids to try the hibachi and see the koi.

Nikita, April 26, 2019

Great gift. Delicious entertaining dinner at Fuji, Needham

Peggy, April 17, 2019

Our server was very polite and the food was excellent!

Maria, April 15, 2019

It was quite good! The environment was nice and the food was filling.

Valentina, April 15, 2019

They did everything they could to accommodate me!

Linda, April 11, 2019

Great hibachi

KJ, April 6, 2019

Great sushi

Ellen, April 6, 2019

It was fun! Staff was excellent as was the food!

Elizabeth, April 1, 2019
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