At Ula, we believe that providing a friendly, comfortable and attractive space where individuals can casually interact with community members is equally important (for customers, employees and the community at large) as offering soul-nourishingly delicious fresh-baked pastries, write-home-about-tasty hearty savory fare and dependably delectable coffee and tea. We are thrilled to be Jamaica Plain’s neighborhood bakery, café and meet-up spot, and are committed to our role as a responsible, conscientious and eco-conscious employer, neighbor and community member.

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Great food, vibe and service. Love this place.

Aileen, February 8, 2019


Jay, February 7, 2019

Delicious scone-Very friendly staff-will definitely go back!

Kathleen, January 28, 2019

Great food and nice service

Tina, January 19, 2019

Service, atmosphere, food, and focus on being green were all great!

Adam, January 14, 2019

First time here and definitely not the last! The coffee was great, but the good selection looked even better. Tons of vegetarian and vegan options. All in all a great cafe!

Mike, January 13, 2019

Fantastic local spot for coffee and lunch. Loved it!

Fran, December 12, 2018

Pretty good food and hot cocoa. Those sugary buns were delicious as well.

Perrin, December 10, 2018

I enjoyed Ula cafe very much, delicious egg sandwich

Mary Ellen, November 17, 2018

Ula Cafe has always been amazing!! Love the food, the coffee and the atmosphere. Keep rocking and making JP an awesome neighborhood.

Sagar, November 12, 2018

Everyone had a smile. The cashier helped with my gift card; they were great.

Delesha, November 5, 2018

The representative was very nice and helpful. I enjoyed my experience there. Hopefully, it will be the first of many visits.

Adebola, October 20, 2018

This was such a great spot that i wouldn't have discovered had i not received this Nift! Great place to have a cup of coffee and get work done in such a cozy, inviting space.

Kelly, October 15, 2018

Cool place!

Emma, October 14, 2018

Food was yummy, hit the spot. Parking was tough at 11:30am.

Happy, October 12, 2018

Very good service

Tristan, October 9, 2018

Thank you so much for the excellent service and delicious coffee/pastries :)

Son, September 9, 2018

I like Ula a lot. They did forget about my drink but were totally kind when I reminded them. Sandwich was okay. Not amazing, but I got it for free so no real complaints!

Michelle, September 5, 2018

Ula is a wonderful meeting-spot for the JP community and beyond.

JM, August 29, 2018

The server who took my order was friendly and helpful. The tomato and basil soup was good and the forest ham sandwich was not burnt.

Pat, August 28, 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but I’m glad I got a gift card to remind me to come back. This place is pretty cool, nice cozy place to catch up with friends, and the food is great too.

Dave, August 19, 2018

Ula Cafe is delicious! Friendly service, nice atmosphere.

Katie, August 15, 2018

Very nice atmosphere and service. Espresso drinks tasted good, but my cappuccino (although very milky) had no foam. My guest couldn't stop stirring his latte to try to get rid of all the foam he got. Because of this, I can't recommend splurging on an espresso drink here but would probably come back for drip coffee.

Stephanie, August 6, 2018

Ula's is wonderful! We love supporting this local spot, the coffee and food is delicious! I would never let a Nift gift accidentally expire (as I have in the past :( ) if I could always go to Ula! Thank you so much!

Jessie, August 5, 2018

Ula is super yummy, very affordable, and friendly staff. Stop in for a coffee or one of their amazing breakfast sandwiches if you’re ever in the JP area!

Mackenzie, July 31, 2018

Lovely vegetarian sandwiches and popovers! Interesting beverage mix - the strawberry basil soda was nice! Overall, refreshing!

Jules, July 24, 2018

Perfect little spot for some coffee and a breakfast snack. Can't believe I didn't know it was there before. I'll definitely be going back frequently and have already recommended it to a few friends.

Caterina, July 20, 2018

Always fantastic!

Allison, July 13, 2018

Ula is wonderful!

Julianna, July 9, 2018

Great atmosphere, good vegetarian options; delicious cold drinks. Wish the bread was a bit more hard crusted and whole grain

Susan, July 7, 2018

Amazing sandwiches!

Kay, July 6, 2018

I really like ULA Cafe, and their sandwiches are usually very good. But, for some reason, the one I got yesterday was not as good as I expected (bread was way too dry). I will still go back again, hoping that it will be a much better experience next time.

Yoko, July 3, 2018

Yum! Loved my lunch and cozy atmosphere.

St. C's, July 3, 2018

Great food, great atmosphere, great service

Daniel, June 29, 2018

Very cute cafe with great customer service. Plus the pastries were so good. I'm definitely going back!

Ann Marie, June 28, 2018

It was great to stop into Cafe Ula’s for Sunday night take-out supper. Food was delicious and well prepared. A lover of Latte’s, Ula’s is #1. Great service from all 3 who placed and prepared our order. And, it was less than an hour before closing time! Thank You! Highly Recommend.

Jude, June 25, 2018

Great food, great people!

Jaime, June 25, 2018

They make a really good breakfast sandwich with some sort of rosemary maple spread.

J, June 2, 2018

Love Ula's! Nice atmosphere, friendly staff, good service, nice selection of teas, good chai, and super yummy gluten-free dessert options!

Karen, May 30, 2018

Cool vibe and great food.

Julian, May 28, 2018

great place

Michele, May 28, 2018

Great popovers and very friendly staff and patrons.

Tricia, May 22, 2018

Wonderful cafe! Above average vegetarian options. Loved the breakfast sandwich with rosemary on brioche. Savory and flavorful without needing any meat! Definitely visiting again!

Ashley, May 19, 2018

Ula Cafe has great food options and drinks! I really enjoyed the breakfast sandwich and vegan scone I had as well at the oat milk green tea latte. I took mine to go, but the atmosphere in Ula was great and it's a nice spot to sit and enjoy your food if you have the time.

Izzy, May 19, 2018

The staff is so friendly and accommodating!

Taylor, May 16, 2018

Great food, great service

Jenn, May 14, 2018

The turkey sandwich was FANTASTIC. Great and fast service too. Will go back!

Katie, May 11, 2018

new staff since I was last there. always attentive and kind. coffee and menu as good as ever!

Sonia, May 5, 2018

Great selection of baked goods at Ula. Friendly neighborhood spot.

Gavin, April 29, 2018

Staff are very friendly, food was great. My only wish is that you had a few more vegan baked good options, but I'm glad that you have some! Thanks.

Amy, April 24, 2018

Great experience and wonderful food! Thanks!

Kara, April 17, 2018

This gift card was a treat. Love Ula!

Caitlin, April 16, 2018

delicious - 5

Joyce, April 9, 2018

Awesome drinks and food! 5

Chris, March 24, 2018

Had a great Cafe cubano and a breakfast sandwich. It was really busy but everyone was great and I didn't have to wait too long.

Julie, March 24, 2018


Kieran, March 20, 2018

Delicious sandwiches! I give them a 5...(app wouldn't let me punch in the #5)

Maryfaith, March 17, 2018

We love Ula Cafe for their healthy options along with a peaceful place to work. Thank you for being in JP.

Sano, March 16, 2018

the folks who work at Ula are very, very nice and helpful which I appreciate, and the sandwiches, soup and baked goods are terrific. The chocolate chip cookies are the best in JP!

Nancy, March 15, 2018

Great atmosphere, nice staff and good treats.

Andrea, March 11, 2018

I love Ula. The food is delicious, drinks are tasty and unique, and the atmosphere welcoming and comfortable.

Susan, March 2, 2018

Great food and service!

Brian, February 19, 2018

Great food

Lisa, February 15, 2018

Love this local cafe- rounds out my feeling for the JP community. Excellent bakery.

S, February 11, 2018

Space has been renovated and it looks fantastic. The team there was fast and food was delicious.

Terri, January 31, 2018

It was my first time at Ula’s - I’ll most definitely be back! Coffee especially was delicious !!

Claire, January 26, 2018

Great pastry. Long line.

Ryan, January 21, 2018

Good drinks. I had not been there before and was impressed. They should have hot mulled cider in the winter.

Evelyn, January 13, 2018

Good sandwiches. Would like more options.

Margot, January 13, 2018

great popovers!

Heidi, January 9, 2018

My sister and I arrived at the store when the store was about to close. But they let us to have a very delicious mocha and a bag of awesome granola from them. It made our day!

Grace, January 3, 2018

Very friendly staff!

Amy, December 28, 2017

Really delicious biscuits!

Eve, December 27, 2017

Great selection. Went there for lunch and they had many options for vegetarians.

Kathy, December 15, 2017

Vegan sunrise muffins are amazing

Allison, December 13, 2017

Excellent. Good food, friendly service, nice crowd.

Daniel, December 7, 2017

Love Ula!

Jovielle Gers, December 7, 2017

Ula's in the complex where I work. It's my go-to place for tea and treats.

B A, December 3, 2017

Loved the turkey sandwich and tea in this cute neighborhood place.

Meghan, December 3, 2017

Hipster cafe

Vania, November 29, 2017

I had the sweet potato sandwich and it was good! The coffee was great as well. Thanks for a great meal!

Vinita, November 29, 2017

Yummy sandwiches!

Lisa, November 14, 2017

Tried a hot chocolate and a pecan bar, and both were excellent. The baristas were friendly and quick. I got my order to go, but I'd love to come back here and hang out for a bit - the atmosphere was nice and relaxed.

Lindsay, November 12, 2017

Great selection of unique espresso drinks in a not very crowded environment (hard to find in Boston!), and friendly staff! Will definitely go back!

Deanna, November 10, 2017

I loved Ula Cafe! The cappuccino was excellent, and the space is great for meeting friends, getting work done, or simply relaxing with a book. I will definitely be back!

Megan, November 4, 2017

It was great! Friendly service and delicious pumpkin latte!

Genevieve, November 3, 2017

It was great!

Sarah, October 29, 2017

Great brownies!

Heidy, October 28, 2017

Friendly neighborhood cafe with good food and welcoming atmosphere. We enjoyed our visit, would not have visited without Nift and will likely visit again.

Ryan, October 14, 2017

I enjoyed my sandwich a lot although they could go easier on the butter when grilling.

Paulette, October 2, 2017

Food, coffee, and atmosphere all get an A+

Mary, October 2, 2017

atmosphere was so-so, not really a place i would choose to hang out in, but outside was nice. hot drinks were lukewarm but tasty

Ola, September 30, 2017

Truly excellent cafe. Everything is delicious, even sandwiches are well above the norm.

Anna, September 26, 2017

great food, nice place to hang out

Catherine, September 26, 2017

Always delicious!

Sally, September 25, 2017

Love this place! Tasty food, good coffee, nice atmosphere.

Kathleen, September 21, 2017

Love Ula! Such a great cafe to have in the community.

Alex, September 15, 2017

good amount for what you would spend at this cafe, and good taste!

Ryan, September 12, 2017

Ula was great! I loved my sandwich!

Ariana, September 8, 2017

Great neighborhood cafe

David, September 3, 2017

Delicious sandwich and pastry. Friendly service

Deborah, September 2, 2017

Ula's is the best. I'm there daily, for breakfast or lunch, or a treat! Awesome staff, great atmosphere, wonderful pastries & sandwiches.

Karen, August 30, 2017

I highly recommend the ginger lemonade and the cookies!!

Emily, August 20, 2017

Awesome coffee. Muffin was terrible.

Jennifer, August 17, 2017

Good food, nice atmosphere. Parking can be a challenge. I will be back.

Lisa, August 14, 2017


Emily, August 13, 2017

Love nift.

Dianna, August 10, 2017

Ula is always good. Welcoming, relaxed neighborhood atmosphere. Great food and drinks.

Beatriz, August 9, 2017

Great array of food from salads and other lunch options to baked goods, teas and coffees! I really enjoy setting up a laptop here mid afternoon. Its also a nice spot to meet friends for coffee on their patio.

Lauren, August 4, 2017

Awesome tasting breakfast sandwich and nitro cold brew. I never have my coffee without milk and the cold brew is so tasty you don't need it!

Stephanie, August 2, 2017

Delicious and super great food and pantries. .😊😊😊

Susana, August 1, 2017

A great local business – my wife and I are regulars. The staff there is really nice, and they are consistent in doing a really good job.

Michael, July 31, 2017

Love Ula!!!

Margo, July 28, 2017

Loved my breakfast at Ula with my daughter; was a real treat and food was great!

Cynthia, July 20, 2017

It's my favorite place😊😊😊

Susana, July 16, 2017
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