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I offer a safe space to get effective changes without pain. I work as a team with you as you are the expert in your body. My mission is to help you take care of yourself, so you can keep doing the amazing work you do for many years to come. Let me help you take care of you. Schedule a massage today.

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A very thoughtful and personalized massage experience! Made me feel relaxed and ready to tackle the day.

Sarah H., January 29, 2018

very friendly person best massage ever

Cindy R., November 7, 2017

Tiffany was great!!

Jess G., November 2, 2017

Awesome! Tiffany is really great!

Mallory D., September 19, 2017

Tiffany was very nice and knowledgeable. She really helped with problem areas .

Lindsay V., August 29, 2017

Tiffany is a very genuine person. From meeting her to the end of the session it was all very therapeutic. Tiffany checked in often to confirm pressure was good, she was gentle and well educated.

Stephanie J., August 23, 2017
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