At Pastries N Chaat we are committed to evoking nostalgia…Remember the time in India when you went to the closest chaat corner with friends and family to enjoy a platter of savory chaat items sharing evening laughter and bonding! The spicy pani puri, the toasty smell of roasted peanuts, the crunchy sprinkle of sev, the tangy-sweet chutneys, the vada pav with fried green chilly and samosas on a rainy day accompanied by steamy hot masala chai…They all have been an integral part of the Indian food fetish. We can’t bring you the streets of India but we can bring the experience to you. If you are from India the taste will hit the spot close to the heart, if you are not from India we bring you the social spirit of our foodie Indian culture. Come chill with us surrounded by a casual, cozy, and trendy ambiance to satisfy your savory and sweet tooth with pastries, chaat, and other Indian delicacies. Our highly trained chefs are eager to serve you with their specialties…the streets of India are calling!

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Eggless cakes are great!

Minal, February 7, 2020

Good employees. always willing to help

Nina, December 1, 2019

Best Indian food in Tampa

A. s. e., November 24, 2019

Never have fresh Indian cuisine before and it was DEFINITELY a shocker!!! Will be frequenting this establishment!!!

Darnell, November 7, 2019

Amazing food. No trouble with gift card

Mathew, November 6, 2019

Great Indian food

Chris, November 4, 2019

The food was hot and delicious.

Nina, November 2, 2019

Pastries and chaat was great. Will come again for sure. Chicken tika masala and samosa chaat was so delicious.

Joseph, October 23, 2019


Elliott, September 29, 2019
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