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The food and service was excellent. I got the fried clams and it was very good. I wish I ordered what the table next to me had. The smell was unbelievable. Lobster cooked in cajun spices. Looked so good. Can't wait to go again

John, December 14, 2018

Delicious food tasty and spicy. We took advantage of the recommendation for an appetizer, and it was great.

Kate, December 11, 2018

What an adventure. It's a real activity from the way the boiled seafood is served, to the delicious spicy sauce, to "cracking" open the shells. And even had enough to take home some for enjoying later.

Norma, December 4, 2018

Great opportunity to try restaurants or businesses that you wouldn't ordinarily go to.

Beryl, November 26, 2018

First visit identified fresh seafood, big portions, and bold flavors.

Evan, November 19, 2018
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