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I got products from their snack table - the cookies I got were really good. Nice environment if you wanted to stay for a sit down meal as well.

Caitlin, December 4, 2018

I had a delicious kale salad with a salmon cake and lemon dressing to go! But this is the only thing I tried. Other selections look great too. When I’m in Cambridge again, I’ll go back

Laura Evans, November 26, 2018

Commonwealth is among the greatest restaurant in this area -- and it's all due to the staff. These people are talented, and above all, joyful and welcoming. They're people you can't help but want to hang out with.

Matthew, November 23, 2018

Sandwiches we're tasty and made with fresh and quality ingredients.baked goods we're also good.

Jason, November 17, 2018

Commonwealth Market & Restaurant was great! The employee who took my order was very helpful with suggestions and descriptions of the actual sandwiches. I ended up choosing the burrito and it was delicious and very filling! I also purchased a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie and it was great too! I will definitely go back!

Jennifer, November 14, 2018

I went to the cafe side for a casual lunch. Very nice and friendly staff at the counter. I had the gyro and a cappuccino. The gyro was delicious- especially the pickled peppers and chewy bread. The sauce was supposed to be pumpkin based but I didn’t really taste that (although I liked the sauce). Cappuccino was average a little weak but pretty good overall. Everything seemed to be a dollar or two more than what you would expect but I would be happy to pay given the good service and high quality.

Nick, November 13, 2018


Deborah, November 2, 2018

Nice selection of foods, many are packaged in such a way that would make them great as gifts, even if a few are out of my price range. Nice bar and restaurant atmosphere too

Eric, November 1, 2018

5/5! The salad I ordered was delicious and the people were super helpful and pleasant! I definitely want to come back!

Jillian, October 30, 2018

Great food and friendly staff

Chris, October 20, 2018

Helpful staff and tasty gourmet items, though not a big selection. The tempting sandwich menu looks worth a return trip!

Zarmik, October 20, 2018

We had a great time at the bar/restaurant. Awesome cocktails, especially the Dirty Italian! We will definitely be back.

Ana, October 19, 2018

Incredible! Delicious sandwich and fries - definitely going back soon!

Taran, October 14, 2018

Adorable. We got house granola and snacks! We will be back

Stacy, October 14, 2018

The menu looks great! I bought packaged items "to go" but would like to go back for lunch one day. Glad to know this business exists!

Sherri, October 6, 2018


Patricia, October 5, 2018

It was great.

Dina, September 25, 2018

Fresh food. Friendly staff!

Tina, September 14, 2018

This place was awesome. First time there, the staff was incredibly nice and helpful and the products are great!

Eleni, September 13, 2018

Easy to get to and nice selection. Thanks!

Emily, September 12, 2018

Great market, delicious smoked turkey sandwich!

Alexandra, September 8, 2018

Delicious food at reasonable prices, friendly and helpful staff, comfortable and cozy seating - a winner all around.

James, September 7, 2018

I really enjoyed the food, fresh and good quality

Carla, September 5, 2018

It’s a cute little market with really friendly staff and delicious homemade ice cream!

Crystal, August 20, 2018

I love this place! It's been one of my favorite spots to go after work since they opened in 2014.

Jacob, August 13, 2018

Wonderful place. Great food and incredibly nice staff!

Tina, August 13, 2018


Claire, August 12, 2018


Georgia, August 12, 2018

Kind and courteous staff. Beautiful space. Great food.

LAUREN, August 11, 2018

Getting lunch at Commonwelath was a true weekday treat. The atmosphere was unbeatable and the food was scrumptious.

Emily, August 7, 2018

Good food and accommodating to people’s food restrictions.

Aakanksha, July 28, 2018

The warm fudgy brownie sundae was pretty good. The brownie wasn't too fudgy and it had crisp edges so it didn't taste like a cake. The sunshine cake was a bit dry though and the cheesecake in the middle was thick and dense. The server was polite. However, the restaurant was very hot inside and opened really low ac on a 90 degree day.

Pat, July 27, 2018

Delicious pastrami sandwich and cookie!

Samuel, July 21, 2018

I have never heard of this restaurant and it isn't in my neighborhood. But I was in the neighborhood now for a weekly meeting, and now I know this place where I can get dinner on weeknights before I head to my meeting. I am appreciative to know of this placeo .

Laura, July 17, 2018

Great spot for a gourmet snack or a fresh daytime meal.

Andrew, July 13, 2018

great food

Kalie, July 13, 2018

Lovely people, lovely place.

Andrew, July 12, 2018

Lovely little store! We used the nift for tea and their homemade ice cream! We'll certainly be back!

J, July 11, 2018

Nice staff and a variety of appealing food options, and the food looked fairly reasonably priced, but the snacks and beverages were too pricey for me.

Samantha, July 9, 2018

great restaurant! didn't offer things on their menu when I went to visit which was strange, but the sandwiches were good! I will be back!

Johanna, July 1, 2018
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