ACTIVATE FITNESS + NUTRITION is a spacious, friendly, sunny facility conveniently located in Woburn’s Four Corners. Our goal is to provide individualized training and nutrition programs for all ages and abilities.

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I had a great initial visit, and I really connected with with Julianne, the owner and one of the coaches. She was also very flexible with any type of plan I might be interested in the future. Don't let the size of the facility fool you! You will find any machine, weight or yoga strap needed for any workout. I am glad that I got to meet Julianne and have her assess my strength and fitness level.

Maria, August 3, 2017

Julie was very nice and flexible, which is key for me since I do not like being pushed into activities I am contemplating. I would recommend her to others who want to reset and restart their fitness journey.

Franziska, April 15, 2017
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186 Cambridge Rd #11, Woburn, MA 01801

ACTIVATE Fitness + Nutrition