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I can’t wait to go back! I didn’t know they had lunch foods either. Will definitely be buying more prepared foods and cheeses next time around.

Molly, April 1, 2019

We really enjoyed Angela’s and it was great to support a local business! Thank you for the gift card!

Rachel, February 23, 2019

Angela’s is an institution in Manchester. You will find homemade treats, gourmet cheese and everything you need for a quiet night at home or a fancy party.

Mary, February 23, 2019

I have a weekly appointment right down the street from this cheese shop and never knew it was there. Thank you for introducing me to this yummy spot!

Chanda, February 8, 2019

Angela's Pasta & Cheese is an amazing one of a kind shop. I've been going there for years and the quality of their food has always been consistently outstanding. The selection of wines and cheeses rivals any other specialty store.

Mimi, January 9, 2019

Great shop!

Brad, December 27, 2018
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815 Chestnut St, Manchester, NH 03104

Angela's Pasta & Cheese Shop