We all invest so much insuring our material wealth, but forget to secure the special items that remind us of our best experiences. Our goal is for every client's best memories to become EverPresent in their daily lives, and easily shared with the people they love. At EverPresent, we come collect the items you want to digitize and share. We then convert these items to a digital format, stored in a safe and customizable archive. We then help you share these memories with the people you love. Services include: - Photo Scanning - Album and Scrapbook Scanning - Slide Scanning - VHS to DVD (or USB...also Hi-8, Mini-DV, Beta, Film Reels and more) - Slideshow Design - Photo Book Design - Photo Art and Jewelry - Video Editing - Photo Organizing - Digital Organizing - Photo Restoration

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Pleasant staff, easy to find.

Helen, July 21, 2018

great surprise to receive. and so easy to use

Linda, February 20, 2018

I did not know about this business prior to my Nift visit. I will definitely recommend this business to friends looking to digitize prints or videos!

Amy, November 29, 2017

Very pleased with the nift gift, Everpresent, I received. Looking forward to seeing the finished project that is in progress. I expect to recommend to others.

Jodel, October 29, 2017

Everpresent did an excellent job of transforming a VCR tape and some photo slides to digital format. They clearly explained their process and completed all of the work correctly.

Richard, August 14, 2017

Excellent everything!

Joe, July 11, 2017

great job

Faye, June 11, 2017

They were very helpful.

Elaine, April 2, 2017

I was generally happy with Everpresent's conversion of my old Ektachrome slides to digital files, but a little surprised at how much dust they were not able to remove with their basic air puff method. For the really important pictures, I can probably clean them up with PhotoShop or pay Everpresent to do so. So I'd encourage other customers to gently clean their slides off themselves before sending them for conversion.

Bob, January 15, 2017

Great customer service, I will definitely be back.

Talia, October 15, 2016

I provided positive feedback to you yesterday for both Just Next Door and Everpresent!

Barbara, June 29, 2016

folks were helpful, professional, timely

Pat, June 16, 2016

thank you for introducing me to this great company.

Sandra, December 4, 2015
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