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Welcome to Balance By Julie in Lexington, MA where we specialize in treating back pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and headaches among other concerns. Our office is located right off of 95 for easy access from Bedford, Burlington, Waltham, Concord, Woburn, Wellesley, Newton, and other metrowest neighborhoods. Our philosophy of care governs everything that we do. Our goal is to compassionately work with our patients to restore an optimal state of health. Your comfort and good health are our utmost priorities. Our acupuncture treatments can not only treat symptoms, but also address the root of your medical condition according to the principles of Chinese Medicine. We offer acupuncture, massage therapy, and reiki to fit all your health needs.​

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My massage was great! Julie did a great job making me feel comfortable and addressed my needs well. Would definitely go back.

Sara, January 13, 2020

Julie not only gave a very good massage, she also helped me integrate the massage work with what my physical therapist is encouraging me to do. Extremely helpful

Rita, October 11, 2019

very relaxing

Lisa, September 23, 2019

Julie have a great, soothing massage. I will be back!

Nancy, September 2, 2019

julie is a caring and excellent masseuse. i rate her a 5 out of 5. your rating button below does not work.

Regina, August 5, 2019

Very thorough massage, very professional; above and beyond extras- more like a spa feel. Will definitively return

Jen, August 2, 2019

Great services! I will definitely return for another massage. Julie was very accommodating and skilled.

Suzanne, April 19, 2019

One of the best massages I've had. Julie was great!

Elizabeth, March 24, 2019

Very pleasant experience, Julie is friendly and professional

Dana, February 18, 2019

Julie was so nice and it was the best massage I have ever had!

Jennie, December 21, 2018

Julie was awesome! Accommodating, professional and thorough! I would highly recommend her!

Wendy, November 22, 2018

Good hour massage. Julie listened to my concerns. Relaxing.

Kim, November 16, 2018

Julie took me for a same day appointment and was skilled and warm.

Cynthia, November 9, 2018
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