Calvin Chin's Martial Arts Academy is the premiere martial arts school in New England. With a 22 year track record of excellence in Newton, and over 50 years of teaching experience,Master Calvin Chin utilizes a teaching methodology that is both practical and accessible. Offering Classes to youth and adults in Tai Chi, Traditional southern style Hung Kuen Kung Fu, Lion and Dragon Dance and Modern Wushu. Calvin Chin's Martial Arts Academy is a warm and welcoming environment where individuals and families alike are nurtured in reaching their goals of fitness, health, culture, and self defense. Calvin Chin's Martial Arts Academy performance team has earned top honors locally, nationally and on the world stage as well. In addition to all of this we have a comprehensive online streaming program. Members of the school have access to our members only online video tutorials . Shot in HD video this content ensures that memory will not be a roadblock while learning. Take advantage of this Nift and you will receive a complimentary class and discount on an eight class intro session. for more information please visit our website under specials and promotions or ask any questions you may have from our communications center! We are open seven days a week and have something for everyone! We look forward to seeing you today!

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Amy, November 21, 2019

The teacher was great! My daughter had never done a class like this and by the end she was doing moves and was very proud of herself!

Tanya, September 23, 2018
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