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Great spot, great workout and wonderful staff/owner!

Rebecca, June 3, 2019

Really friendly owner and a great facility for non competitive boxing

Victoria, December 12, 2018

Had so much fun at Alton Street Boxing! Charles was a great coach, who takes a unique perspective on boxing by finding commonalities across various martial arts and incorporates them into training. I got to refine my skills and learn new ones too! Highly recommend!

Cristina, August 30, 2018

Charles was wonderful! Really took the time to make sure we had a great experience. Thank you!

Danielle, August 6, 2018

The boxing class with Charles was amazing! The class size was small (6 ppl) so the instructor had plenty of one on one time with each person. As a new boxer, the instructor made sure to make me feel included and teach me the basics while helping more advanced boxers improve their skills. The class went for just over and hour and allows you to get a full workout. Highly recommend the boxing class for anyone looking to try a different workout.

Ryan, April 19, 2018
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Alton Street Boxing & Fitness