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The smoothies here are fresh and tasty :)

Lydia, October 31, 2019

great juice

Elliott, September 30, 2019

Good juice. Expensive.

Lauren, September 18, 2019

The employees at Juice were wonderful. My smoothie bowl was yummy and made with TLC. But, it's spendy without a night code.

Stephanie, August 5, 2019

Staff not particularly friendly but the juice was interested. I might try it again

Lois, August 1, 2019

It was excellent! Super fast and I loved the CBJ! I referred my coworkers there and they went later that evening.

Keely, June 21, 2019


Melanie, May 17, 2019

The juices were good and I loved the ambience of the place. I will definitely visit again.

Mecca, May 7, 2019

A bit pricey and I didn't feel full for very long after drinking the smoothie I ordered. I thought the smoothie is a bit small for $9. Not sure I would purchase very regularly at that price point. Love the concept of fresh, high quality ingredients though and convenient location.

Megan, April 15, 2019

Really liked Juice Laundry. Wish there were pre-made options for bowls though! Hard to mix and match sometimes.

Erica, April 7, 2019

Great customer service

Genae, April 5, 2019

Everything was soo good!

Julia, March 27, 2019

I enjoyed my tasty Acai Smoothie Bowl with its fresh ingredients. I appreciated the creative smoothie flavors and variety of healthy and interesting toppings. I'll definitely return!

Sara, February 21, 2019

Nice quiet part of the city. Very clean store. Friendly, knowledgable staff. Great selection of super healthy drinks and food. Highly recommend getting in there and enjoying something fresh and healthy today. I am going to be a customer all the time. Glad to have found Juice Laundry through NIFT. SCORE!!

Gregg, February 15, 2019

Delicious & fairly priced!

Charlotte, February 10, 2019

Staff was kind and helpful. I would love to see a smaller option for the smoothie bowl. It's quite large, but very tasty!

Fata, February 9, 2019

I enjoyed my açaí bowl - the banana topping and granola on it were especially good

Kate, January 26, 2019

friendly staff, great menu!

Emily, January 9, 2019

I got the Cacao Monster and it was soooo good and filling!

Natasha, January 4, 2019

Great product and fun staff.

A Customer, December 23, 2018

Delicious acai bowls!

Sam, December 17, 2018

It was deliciously amazing....

Dekima, December 13, 2018

It was pretty good. The brownie we bought was amazing. The acai smoothie bowl was ok, with lots of granola, but it didn't seem to have any acai in it...

Mary, December 6, 2018

Definitely a v! I highly recommend juice laundry. I got a spinach and kale smoothie and it was absolutely outstanding! Not only really healthy but absolutely delicious! I will definitely return for more! The staff were extremely friendly and service was excellent.

Susan, November 29, 2018

She didn't know how to use the Nift gift card.

Rumbidzai, November 24, 2018

Great place. Nice atmosphere and the products are wonderful.

Milind, November 13, 2018
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