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Our business is based on family—from the way we treat our employees, to the comfort food we provide our customers. We’ve raised our children around our restaurants and have turned the pizza business into a family business. Our menu is shaped by our diversity and the uniqueness of our customers and their tastes. Pizza is one of everyone’s favorite foods, and we take pride in serving it—using the freshest ingredients and best cheeses available. We love to serve food that makes you happy!

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Friendliest pizzeria I've ever been to, and they sell a lot of other yummy and un-typical things, fantastic option for lunch! Only pizza place (so far) I know that offers vegan cheese, and gluten-free crusts!

Francoise, October 7, 2019

Perfect margarita pizza

Emiko, October 6, 2019

I ordered the gyro and it wasn’t bad!

Maria, September 22, 2019


Michelle, September 22, 2019

Yummy pizza, great cheese combo!!

Emma, August 29, 2019

Friendly and quick service!

Jessica, August 26, 2019

Fantastic vegetarian thin crust extra large pizza.

Diane, August 25, 2019

The staff was friendly and food was good! I would come back again

Edene Shirley, August 12, 2019
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Angelico La Pizzeria