The chefs at 2Twenty2 are constantly coming up with ways to introduce globally inspired flavors to favorite Asian cuisine. Private parties are our specialty. We have some intimate dining areas available for your event. Each with its own unique, yet warm ambiance.

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Had a great meal & a nice spot to watch a game (or a political debate!)

Robin, February 10, 2020

Servers were really kind, and food was simple but great for apps. We enjoyed it!

Lauren, January 28, 2020

Food and atmosphere were both great!

Rachel, January 4, 2020

its good

Sara, December 31, 2019

it had good food and serivce

Sara, December 29, 2019

Good food in a fun atmosphere in a great location.

Abby, December 28, 2019

amazing food

Seth, December 20, 2019

the sushi was good. more of a club feel, but still good.

Erika, December 17, 2019

Great food. Great service.

Gabrielle, December 13, 2019


Daniel, December 11, 2019

Service was excellent! Food and atmosphere were okay.

Noel, December 7, 2019

Great customer service

Stephanie, December 4, 2019

food and drinks were greaf!

Nikki, December 4, 2019

Good dumplings and location.

Mimi, December 4, 2019

great service and atmosphere

Jason, December 4, 2019

Great vibe

Christina, November 23, 2019

Loved the lazy lobstah and the volcano.

Carter, November 15, 2019

Was a good bar food experience. However they messed up the order and we had to wait a long time.

Rayhaan, November 11, 2019

It was very cool!

Peter, November 7, 2019

great service and great food

Jeremy, November 6, 2019

There is a wide open space with plenty of tvs and cool furnishings and couches to chill on ... very multifunctional... the food has flare and uniqueness... decent beer selection

Craig, November 5, 2019

Friendly service and good food!

Katie, November 4, 2019

It was dead in the restaurant and the food was meh very unhealthy

Katelyn, November 1, 2019

Great food and atmosphere.

John, October 31, 2019

My significant other and I went to 2Twenty2 for drinks after work today. We enjoyed delicious chicken tenders with dipping sauce! The environmental was hip - there was a sports game tonight and the tvs were all showing the game, and the music was great

Caroline, October 30, 2019

Great food and service!

Murphy, October 30, 2019


Amy, October 29, 2019

Great if you’re into the TD Garden-esque sports event vibe!

Celine, October 29, 2019

Friendly staff. Cool atmosphere. Good food.

Keri, October 27, 2019

The server was very sweet. The chicken sandwich could have been better though. The meat wasn’t seasoned and too small

Miranda, October 23, 2019

I would not expect good food from this spot only because I know it's a night club on the weekends, but the sushi was great!

Emily, October 23, 2019

The drinks were so cute and the food was also aesthetically pleasing! I loved the fun sushi we got!

Shana, October 19, 2019

Cool environment, not over crowded

David, October 19, 2019

Good spot for a pregame. Venue looks like it turns into a club. I had the chicken sandwich and fries which was decent but nothing out of this world. Looks like they are known for some neat cocktails.

David, October 17, 2019


Camarie, October 13, 2019

I enjoyed my time at 2Twenty2 restaurant earlier this evening. Foods are delicious, and the employees are friendly. I found a great night to eat out, as many Boston Bruins fans went there to eat out before the game began at 7 p.m.. 🐻 Thank you for referring me to 2Twenty2!

Lisa M., October 12, 2019

Nice atmosphere

Samantha, October 12, 2019

Sushi is good

Ice, October 11, 2019

Paper certificate should still be honored.

Richard, October 11, 2019

awesome crabragoons

John, October 10, 2019

2Twenty2 was a cool restaurant. The staff was super friendly and the food was excellent. One thing that should be noted is that the place is always a bar with club music and atmosphere, which I was not expecting when I first heard about it. Not necessarily a good place for a casual lunch, but if you're ok with the louder environment then I would recommend checking it out.

Pierson, October 9, 2019

Food was good while bad portions

Andrew, October 5, 2019

great food, great service

Leila, October 5, 2019

The restaurant was very empty, but the food and service were great!

Becky, October 3, 2019

Different foods and drinks

Stephanie, October 2, 2019

Great atmosphere

Christine, September 30, 2019

Amazing sushi!!

Caroline, September 30, 2019

Sushi was great

Amanda, September 30, 2019

Was a little expensive for what it was, the place seemed cool but was pretty dead. Furniture was not great, tables wobbly and heavy chairs, wait staff was pretty good.

Brittany, September 28, 2019

In a popular part of the city with lots going on. Good food and music.

Steve, September 26, 2019

We came during a private event, but they let us eat there anyway, which was very generous. The music was super loud but again, private event, so that wasn't too bad. I was really surprised by the prices though, we paid $6 for fries and they seems like the store-bought frozen style. The wings were REALLY good, but we only got 6 for $12, and so there seems to be a disconnect between quality and quantity consistency. I'd go for higher quality fries but less of them.

Alan, September 23, 2019

Food was delicious!

Carolyn, September 22, 2019

Sushi was great

Kim, September 21, 2019

Food, service, and music were great--only issue was that they said to sit anywhere when we came in (the area was pretty empty since it was around 6pm on a Tuesday night), but were charged $10 for table service at the end. We only ordered standard dinner fare--a couple drinks and some food. It'd be better if they told us upfront that some seats would have an additional charge, since it felt kinda skeevy that they didn't and hit us with a charge after.

Peggy, September 18, 2019

Great sushi and fun new place! Loved it!

Marina, September 12, 2019

Good food, very big place to enjoy

MD, September 11, 2019

Delicious meals

Laura, September 3, 2019

The food was good and the ambiance seemed cool. I would go back at a later time to see it for what it really is.

Regine, September 1, 2019

Great service, food matched service, overall cute atmosphere

Carlotta, August 31, 2019

Delicious and affordable food in a cool space!

Georgia, August 28, 2019

Excellent server/bartender on this quiet evening at 2twenty2. Food good but slightly pricey.

Fred, August 21, 2019

Food was Superb (Lo mein with Shrimp) Ronnie was very efficient

Michael, August 20, 2019

We were a bit hesitant at first what with the restaurant being fairly empty when we arrived, but the food and service were quite good. I would definitely return and would recommend it to others.

Renee (Irene), August 16, 2019

Good prices, good burger

Sarah, August 6, 2019

Had a nice dinner here good food and drinks and they had live music.

Kara, August 2, 2019

Great service!

Lauren, July 31, 2019

cool spot, the sushi was good!

Alexa, July 19, 2019

So delicious

Jasmine, July 17, 2019

Sushi rice wasn’t as fresh as most sushi places

Imran, July 15, 2019

I had a couple sushi rolls and a beer. The sushi rolls were both good and there was a decent beer selection. The place was empty, but the bartender was just the right amount of attentive.

Matthew, July 10, 2019

Google hours are wrong (says it's open for lunch), seems like it can't decide if it's a bar, restaurant, or club

James, July 4, 2019

We tried 2Twebty2 because of the Nift gift. We had drinks and food. The Mai Tai was in a fun take out box and was good. We loved the char on the beef teriyaki but the ribs were just okay. The rice was thumbs down

George, July 3, 2019

2Twenty2 was great! When we entered, I was surprised by how large it was (it doesn't appear so on the outside) and it had a very swanky atmosphere. I am sure it is absolutely wonderful for an evening out or a date! The sushi was delicious and the bartender was super nice!

Jacy, June 26, 2019

amazing place to spent times with friends - watch sport and disco dance happy nignt, greqt beer selection!!

Serg, June 24, 2019

Food was good, service was good I'd go back

Henry, June 22, 2019

Good sushi. I enjoyed it!

Natasha, June 20, 2019

The Volcano sushi was tasty and the garlic noodles were great. The price of the food is higher than average for the neighborhood. I would probably go back for drinks.

Rachael, June 20, 2019

Very quiet around lunchtime but that meant really good service and a well-cooked tuna steak. Ordered it rare and it was cooked perfectly. Would highly recommend to others!

Kate, June 19, 2019

Hey! They have sweet service and the food tastes amazing. I loved the lo mein.

Shraddha, June 17, 2019


Elizabeth, June 17, 2019

Went early - before the crowd arrived. Nice ambiance. Very clubby. Staff were super nice. We sat at the bar and chatted with the owner and other staff. It's easy to miss in the West End area, very close to TD Garden. Quick walk to the Haymarket T stop. I'l be back and bring friends.

Robyn, June 4, 2019

Great food and service!

Mel, June 3, 2019

Really happy with the food and drinks, a little pricey.

Morgan, May 25, 2019

Good Sandwiches and fries but not the vibe I was looking for.

Abby, May 18, 2019

The food was fresh and delicious. Prices are reasonable, and I would go there again.

Dorothy, May 17, 2019

Very nice environment and friendly staff

Mohammad, May 11, 2019

Great spot with awesome food and service.

Megan, May 3, 2019

Great place to unwind, delicious food, music, and excellent service!

Mila, May 1, 2019

Excellent service and variety of food for everyone!

Dee, April 16, 2019

Good food, above average. The spicy tuna/avocado was good. The burger was just ok. The bun was stale. The truffle fries were great. A bit strange atmosphere... a sports bar/club atmosphere with an Asian menu. Our waiter was very good. Worth trying again when in the neighborhood

Adam, April 4, 2019

The crab rangoons were fantastic!

Brianna, February 25, 2019

The sushi was out of this world! I’ll definitely go back !

L enrique, February 19, 2019

I've been meaning to visit here but didn't get around to it. When I got the Nift it was a great incentive to visit. Great food and excellent service. The management here know what they're doing!

Daniel, February 1, 2019

Great service!

Katherine, January 30, 2019

Great service and delicious food!

Cristina, January 18, 2019
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