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Cork and Brew and Spirits too is located in historic Pawtuxet Village and has provided its patrons with the finest beer, wine, and spirits for over a decade. At Cork and Brew we provide excellent customer service helping patrons select the best products on our shelves for any occasions. Our skilled and knowledgeable staff will make sure you always leave the store happy.

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Owner very polite and friendly. Great variety to choose from and great location as well. Would shop here again.

Sydney, January 7, 2020

great selection

Joe, December 8, 2019


Francelly, November 30, 2019

Great place. They were very helpful.

Patricia, November 23, 2019

The inside of the store was so neat and organized. The cashier was super friendly and helpful. He recommended drinks that turned out great. 5 stars

Aveanna, November 16, 2019

Al the owner was super nice and helpful.

Paulette, November 10, 2019

A very nice shop. Super friendly. Free access to an event space (i.e. book clubs). Free tastings on Friday nights (5 pm to 7 pm). Totally recommend this shop. Looking forward to going back!

Dennise, November 8, 2019

The owner was very kind, friendly, helpful, and welcome. He assisted us in choosing two bottles of wine, both of which were affordable and delicious! I’m looking forward to going back.

Rachel, November 3, 2019

Such a cute place, staff was so friendly and informative.

Christine, November 1, 2019

Great service!

Cristy, October 27, 2019

really neat and nice LQ store, very friendly staff

Luisa, October 21, 2019

Business owner was great - loved finding this new store!

Kaitrin, October 13, 2019

Friendly, helpful and great wine tastings!

Nancy, October 13, 2019

Very helpful owner! Nice organic selections.

Lelia, October 12, 2019

very friendly

Annajane, October 9, 2019

Very helpful, large selection too!

David, October 8, 2019

Very pleasant environment and staff. I will be back.

Rhonda, October 7, 2019

Friendly service and great selection of micro brews.

JOHN, October 6, 2019

Store owner was really nice! Wide product range!

Claire, October 5, 2019
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Cork & Brew And Spirits Too