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Kimberly, February 7, 2019

We had a great time!

Christine, November 22, 2018

Really fun thing to do locally that I probably wouldn't have tried otherwise!

Jessika, October 19, 2018

Kids had a blast jumping for about 45 min and then did some time at the little arcade!

Tanya, April 5, 2018

Launch was very fun! Great exercise too

Christine, March 20, 2018

Launch was awesome!!! Great raining day activity!!!

Andrea, March 2, 2018

It was great. A fun place to spend an hour or two with the kids.

Helen, February 7, 2018

Great for my grandkids

Howard, February 4, 2018

We had a great time! It was so easy to use the gift card. All we had to do was buy socks and that was clear on the gift card.

Emily, February 1, 2018

Great mix of trampoline and arcade activites. Nice food bar options.

Sheila, January 26, 2018

I went to Launch several years ago at a peak time, and was disappointed in the safety precautions they took -- there were little kids wandering around on the main jump court while boisterous teenagers were going full blast. So I was a little concerned about going this time. However, we ended up there at a non-peak time -- and it's hard to be unsafe if there are few customers. I hope that Launch has improved their peak safety precautions. I might go again just to find out!

Judy, January 24, 2018

Thank you, thank you! We really appreciated this!

Latease, January 14, 2018

It was actually a really fun time. I went with an adult date, and was thinking that perhaps it might be slightly awkward with the kids, but there was ample space, and some young adults, so it was not bad at all. Would definitely go with some other friends.

Maria, January 3, 2018

Would recommend on days that are less crowded especially if you have kids on the younger side.

Grace, November 17, 2017

Great time, no trouble redeeming nift!

CLAIRE, November 4, 2017
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