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There were a few hairs in one dish. But I really liked the food.

Charlie, March 25, 2019

They are great.

Netalin, March 24, 2019

Quick and friendly service! I recommend the egg drop soup and eggs and tomatoes stir-fry!

Chanel, March 23, 2019

Delicious food! Tasted authentic and fresh.

Lindsey, February 25, 2019

Value for money Chinese food. Loved the beef noodles

Stephanie, February 24, 2019

Super Fresh and Delicious

Michael, February 19, 2019

Good not great food. Otherwise totally fine. Good prices.

Olivia, February 6, 2019

Food and service were great! Truly enjoyed my dinner at this place.

Yel, February 5, 2019

Both the Wonton soup and the cashew chicken dish were delicious! And the take out was so well packed the food was still hot after an hour in the traffic! Would definitely come again!

Greg, February 4, 2019

Good, reasonably priced food.

Laurence, January 27, 2019

Delicious! We'll be back!

Jacy, January 25, 2019

Very delicious

Lyncy, January 18, 2019
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