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Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe is a veteran and family-owned and operated cafe specializing in hand-cut doughnuts baked fresh every day. We serve specialty coffee sourced from direct-trade coffee roaster Intelligentsia. While Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe is technically a startup, it is grounded in the rich history and experience of the Murphy family dating back to the 1960’s and set in a small town in Florida. The original Mr. and Mrs. Murphy, Earl and Shirley, raised their family on a small farm in Connecticut, but the long New England winters took their toll. In 1961 they sold the family home, said goodbye to family and friends, and headed south with no specific plans for the future. They literally packed up their belongings and youngest child and set out on an adventure that they could not have known we would be talking about today. The Murphy’s had no idea where they were headed or what they would do when they got there, but their strong entrepreneurial spirit showed them the way. In 1962, Earl and Shirley opened the original Mrs. Murphy’s Donuts in Jupiter, Florida which, began a legacy of several successful shops that would follow from Florida to Massachusetts, to Vermont, and New Hampshire; all created on the founding core principles of Quality, Community, and Family.

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Delicious seasonal selection, fresh, and great recommendations by the staff!

Maggie, March 19, 2020

delicious donuts and great atmosphere/location.

Yung-Yi, March 9, 2020

Very cozy

Janie, February 23, 2020

delicious donuts!

Christina-GMU, February 20, 2020

The service was fast and friendly. And the food was good.

Jaela, February 11, 2020

Best donuts in town

Glenn Alex, January 22, 2020

The food was really good. My server was just unfamiliar with the menu.

Alexis, December 24, 2019

very yummy coffee and donuts! And it's a cute neighborhood spot!

Hillary, December 15, 2019

Great variety of food other than just donuts.

Gretchen, December 15, 2019

Definitely will return. Breakfast sandwich was amazing as were the donuts. seems like all of their food is great!

Hannah, December 14, 2019

I met the owner and heard his story today. I love that he's still showing up and training employees 8 months after the opening. My sandwich was good but not a first choice in Arlington for $10. (I will never spend $4 on a donut when they are $0.79 at Harris Teeter on the next block.) I had my chicken pesto sandwich toasted and think it would have been better had they used 1 slice of cheese instead of 2 and melted the cheese on the toasted bread.

Stephanie, December 13, 2019

Good variety.

Victor, December 8, 2019

Super friendly people! They also have staff that are very well taken care off and they take care of you. Happy they are here!

Olivia, December 7, 2019

Adorable coffee & donut shop. We visited because of the Nift we got, and the donuts were out of this world good! We got coffee and espresso along with a turkey sausage egg and cheese on ciabatta bread. Can’t wait to go back.

Alyssa, December 2, 2019

love the vibe, coffee and smoothies!

Chelsie, November 30, 2019

Excellent menu with donuts, pastries, breakfast, and fuller meals.

Carolyn, November 30, 2019

Great veg options for food. Would definitely return again!

Vijnata, November 26, 2019

We liked everything about Good Company -- food, atmosphere, selection, service, location. We'll be back!

Bess, November 26, 2019

So many great donut choices and they are truly some of the best donuts I've ever had

Scotty, November 24, 2019


Megan and Kevin, November 24, 2019

good food

Tofique, November 23, 2019

Amazing food and the owners are so kind and generous. They’re bringing my job free pastries as a result of me visiting that day and I’m so grateful that Nift connected us!

Ora Star, November 21, 2019

Great to discover this place! Right down the road from us and we wouldn’t have stopped in if it weren’t for Nift!

Brittany, November 16, 2019


Alex, November 10, 2019

Loved the variety of donuts and other food items on the menu. While the name suggests breakfast this is a place you can enjoy all day and night. Beer and cocktail menu lends itself to the menu & donuts. Great local stop.

Stacy, November 10, 2019

Great selection of doughnuts and good coffee

Iveta, November 9, 2019

Good customer service and doughnuts

Emily, November 9, 2019

Great food and coffee — and I never knew it was there before Nift. So glad I tried it. I will be back.

Lori, November 2, 2019

This place is great! Who ever heard of a donut shop with a happy hour! I have been searching for a good cake donut with chocolate icing....this is it!

Cathy, November 1, 2019

Nice place to sit and work

Donna, November 1, 2019

good food, good coffee

David, October 30, 2019

I was a bit surprised to find this place. Such a great place

Işık, October 28, 2019

Loved nift and so glad I got this offer because good company was awesome and I otherwise may not have tried it

Sarah, October 27, 2019

Delicious doughnuts in unique flavors - staff friendly and helpful.

Emmm, October 26, 2019

Loved the vibe at Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe! The people are so nice and the chicken pesto sandwich was delicious too.

Shannon, October 26, 2019

It was super easy to use as a first time nift user. They were able to help me.

Megan, October 26, 2019

Great doughnuts and good ambiance

Ian, October 24, 2019

quiet, good latte

Kate, October 20, 2019

These donuts were amazing! And the coffee was fantastic

Brian, October 19, 2019

The best donuts in Arlington

Lilly, October 18, 2019


Anna, October 16, 2019

Best cider donut ever!

Mary Beth, October 13, 2019

Fresh and excellent donuts. Staff was very pleasant and helped me with the e-gift.

Christine, October 13, 2019

So good. Will go again

Josh, October 9, 2019

Good Company Doughnuts and Cafe far exceeded my expectations! Went for Saturday morning donuts and coffee and ended up also getting an egg and cheese sandwich. Everything was delicious and fresh! I will 100% be going back!!

Justin, October 5, 2019

Good ambiance, decent doughnuts

Tim, October 5, 2019

It took a long time for my order to arrive but it was yummy Though a tad too pricey

Allison, October 4, 2019

Customer was great and the donuts was tasty

Edward, October 4, 2019

The doughnuts are really good! They were very helpful explaining the different kinds. Also having samples at the front is great.

Michele, October 3, 2019


Kelsey, October 1, 2019

My husband and I stopped by Good Company Doughnuts & Cafe after a long morning run. We decided to dedicate our Nift Gift to a half-dozen doughnuts. The shop is bright and inviting and the staff, including the owner, were warm and welcoming. We had a couple of questions about doughnuts in order to optimize our picks. The selection was delightfully plentiful as well. The doughnuts were Delicious! We will be back! We'd love to try breakfast as well. Thank you!

Jamile, September 30, 2019

The basic dough tastes good and the toppings are fantastic. Best maple-bacon doughnut I’ve ever had.

Anuradha, September 29, 2019

Very friendly staff, good selection of donuts and coffee options. Seems like a cool place, will definitely go back

Clara, September 28, 2019

Lots of great donuts to choose from, smoothie was delicious and customer service was delightful. Will return.

Magaly, September 25, 2019

Good donuts

Khoi, September 24, 2019

Delicious donuts!

Amy, September 23, 2019

Cool decor, good donuts and friendly stuff

Desislava, September 21, 2019

Best donuts and fresh

Sujan, September 19, 2019

Egg sandwich with pancetta was so good, I could eat it for breakfast everyday!

Kate, September 18, 2019

Had a great panini and friendly service.

Lauren, September 16, 2019

Delicious food and excellent service!

Deirdre, September 15, 2019

Food and service were both great!

Katherine, September 13, 2019

Cute spot. Fresh tasty pastries and more! I only tried the donuts but they were great

D., September 10, 2019

Great service and yummy food!

Chelsey, September 10, 2019

It was good!

Bi, September 8, 2019
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