What makes The Wine ConneXtion different from mainstream wine stores is our unique approach to serving our customers. At The Wine ConneXtion, we offer customers a unique and innovative wine-purchasing experience in a no-fuss environment. Customers are encouraged to browse the large, open, cellar-style design where each wine has a descriptive narrative to educate the customer on everything from the characteristics of the wine to the best choices of foods to pair with the wine. Customers can also help themselves to one bottle or a case without having to ask the staff because all products are easily accessible. We offer “eXcellent wines at eXceptional prices,” and deliver them at some of lowest prices in the state while making sure we do not compromise on service or quality. Whatever the quantity, customers will always get the lowest prices because we go out of our way to get the best deals in the market and pass it on.

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People love discovering this place.

Here's what people say after redeeming their Nift gift.

Very helpful and pleasant I’ve been before and will come again.

A, November 7, 2019

Very nice store! But this feedback Delgado doesn't work. The numbers don't click.

Lyn, November 7, 2019

I love The Wine Collection, there is always a wide selection of wine at great prices in our neighborhood. Why go anywhere else!

MARY, November 6, 2019

Great selection of wines.

April, November 6, 2019

Very knowledgeable

Patricia, November 5, 2019

Friendly atmosphere, great selection of wine!

Doreen, November 2, 2019

The service was amazing. The place was very organized down to the type of wine your looking for. Prices were great and they had no issues when i checked out with my Nift gift card.

Teresa, October 31, 2019

I was welcomed and enjoyed my visit. Great staff. I selected them because I am a regular customer.

Richard, October 30, 2019

the wine selection was extensive. Great selections of wine from around the world.

Virginia, October 30, 2019


Maribel, October 28, 2019

Friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Steven, October 27, 2019

Thanks so much for the gift card! I always love an opportunity to support local business!

Danielle, October 25, 2019

Sam, the owner, is great!

Dave, October 23, 2019

Good supply. Great customer service

Justine, October 18, 2019

Erin, October 12, 2019


Juan, October 11, 2019

It was great!

Evy, October 10, 2019

Great customer service. Helped me pick just the right wine

Joel, October 9, 2019

Excellent service, employees are very helpful and great people

Matt, October 5, 2019

Good service 👋

Sol, October 1, 2019

Great selection of wines. They offer wine tastings. Will definitely go back

Alcida, October 1, 2019

Always a great selection, and the staff is very helpful.

Kim, September 28, 2019


Angelica, September 27, 2019

Wine Connection is a great store

Sheila, September 27, 2019

Thank you for Wine Connection card. Disappointed that Bay State Chowder couldn't be used :(

Jacklyn, September 27, 2019

Staff and owner were very helpful and friendly.

Felicia, September 27, 2019

Perfect spot

Kaitlin, September 26, 2019

Great selection of wines. Nice and helpful staff!

Darlene, September 26, 2019

Great service 10/10

Marielle, September 25, 2019

Because the workers are really nice to people.

Raquel, September 25, 2019

Selection and customer service were great!!

Elizabeth, September 25, 2019

Excellent place

Elizabeth, September 24, 2019

wonderful service and amazing selection

Jessica, September 24, 2019

Great - I was able to buy a couple of affordable wines to try out. And the cashier, Sue, knew exactly how to handle my nift gift certificate.

Annie, September 24, 2019


Erick, September 24, 2019

Clean, organized, great selection and friendly staff!

Alexis, September 23, 2019

Very friendly and helpful!

Erifili, September 23, 2019

Great service

Ashley, September 22, 2019

Good attention and nice personal

Francisca, September 22, 2019


Arielys, September 22, 2019


Ginnelly, September 22, 2019

nice store

Juan, September 22, 2019


Andrea, September 22, 2019

Great selection

Khasin, September 22, 2019


LA Bendecida, September 22, 2019

it was nice but the cashier was not happy using the app

Martin, September 22, 2019

Had a lot of different wines. Cashier was very friendly.

Kizzy, September 21, 2019

Very Friendly and good quality!

Gracy, September 21, 2019

Great service

Pedro, September 21, 2019

Great wine And excellent service very pleased

Yesenia, September 21, 2019

Big variety of liquor !!

Genesis, September 21, 2019

Great selection

Jorge, September 21, 2019

Good location

Anatalia, September 21, 2019


Kiandra, September 21, 2019

Is beautiful place delicious wine tanks

Vecino, September 21, 2019


Mixael Alejandro, September 21, 2019

Nice guy, good service

Julissa, September 21, 2019

good service

Ana, September 21, 2019


Albert, September 21, 2019

Great Service

ELIMER, September 21, 2019

Best wine

Alex, September 21, 2019

Excellent Costumer service

Elianny, September 21, 2019

Many great selections

Alan, September 21, 2019

Thank you

Javier, September 21, 2019

Great customer service! Employees are very knowledgeable and eager to assist.

Joanna, September 20, 2019

The place is immaculate and well stocked.

Susan, September 20, 2019

Great customer service

Nini, September 20, 2019

Love that they have wine tasting throughout the store

Pamela, September 20, 2019

Awesome place

Joa, September 20, 2019

Very nice service

Diosquelmy, September 20, 2019


Naylee, September 20, 2019

Can’t wait to taste the wine

Ireine, September 20, 2019

El fue muy amable

Indhira, September 19, 2019

Excellent service!

Arturo, September 19, 2019

Great experience, great staff

Matt, September 19, 2019

Parking available

Multi, September 19, 2019

The service and selection are always top notch !!! Love this store .

Anne, September 18, 2019


Kellyana, September 18, 2019

Great selection, fair prices and friendly, helpful staff.

Karen, September 17, 2019
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