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I am a master stylist, with a background in painting and sculpture. I have served every position in the salon industry with a passion for my craft. I specialize in cuts and color from the avant-garde to classic looks. Multidimensional blondes, creamy and rich brunettes, vibrant reds and artsy unicorn hair are in my palette. I love creating movement in the hair, smoothing unruly hair, gorgeous healthy locks, lightening thick hair, and volumizing thin hair. Consultations are the foundation of every successful encounter and I understand the importance of feeling heard and respected when it comes to your hair dreams. I work with non-ammoniated hair color and always stay current with the latest trends. Whether you're looking for classic, on-trend, or creative, unique looks, I'm your Lady. I work with all hair textures and densities.

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Hands down...BEST experience at a hair salon and best haircut I've ever had. After two years in the area, I have finally found a hairstylist I will go to more than once!

Beth, November 9, 2018
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Dominique Snow