This New Year, we’ve got a hunch you’re making the same resolutions we’re all making–live a little healthier, get in shape, all the works. But honestly, those don’t usually pan out. We’re guessing that around February, something falls a little flat.

So what do you do? Honestly, I was stumped, too, but I think I’ve got it. Instead of going with any old gym membership, try something new, fun, exciting, and maybe a little weird. Check out some businesses that can help you live a little healthier but are definitely off the beaten path (and I’m not talking about a hike, but that would be good, too)!

1. Parkour- For people who are so over going to the gym

Courtesy of Parkour Generations

If you thought “parkour” lived and died on your high school track, you’re dead wrong. At Parkour Generations, you will ABSOLUTELY FORGET that the reason you came was a New Year’s resolution to stay fit. Regular workouts, who? One visitor says it’s “a great nudge to get outside and view your environment in a new way,” AND it still lets you check “stay active” off that to-do list.

2. Gymnastics: If you just can’t forget the Olympics

Courtesy of Cambridge Community Gymnastics

Simone Biles is #goals every single day, but why not get one step closer to actually being her in real life? So what if you can’t do a double layout with a half twist and get it named after you? Cambridge Community Gymnastics will help you get back into the swing of things, and give you the perfect way to be all smug in March when you can tell your friends you actually HAVEN’T given up on your New Year’s resolution. Also, it’s straight-up fun. And if you close your eyes, you could be right there in Tokyo 2020.

3. Btone Fitness: The perfect way to ease your way in

Courtesy of Btone Fitness

Btone Fitness is literally perfect if you’re anxious about diving into something super intense that might freak you out and make you give up your resolution a few weeks in. BTONE is all about slow movements that make a real difference. Jody Merrill, the owner, designed something different that helps your body not break instead of break when you catch New Years Resolution fever. Plus, we’re choosing to trust customer Kirstin when she says “it’s a unique workout that challenges me and remains interesting week after week.”

4. ((305)) Fitness: Dance your way into the New Year

Courtesy of ((305)) Fitness

“SO FUN! Didn’t even feel like a workout – just dancing!” is EXACTLY the kind of thing we like to hear about the activity we’re trying this year (thanks, Holly H.!). ((305)) Fitness provides visitors with a high-energy dance party (complete with lights to match) that gets you moving in a way that 2018 you never would’ve dreamed of. And if you’re not much of a dancer, Michelle K. says not to worry: “I’d recommend this to anyone regardless of their dancing experience :)”
See? She even used a smiley face. That means it’s for real.

5. Boxing: The real kind. Because punching counts as a workout.

“Boxing looks hard, but cool when it’s featured on the crime shows that I watch excessively,” is something I, and maybe you, have thought before. Well, in 2019, boxing isn’t just for TV characters. Studios like Back Bay Boxing ensure that you’ll get the right skills alongside looking as cool as TV actors. Owner John Murray wanted to make sure that people learning to box learned the correct technique, and left with more than just practicing punching bags. Worried that it’s a big leap from whatever you’re doing now to boxing? No big deal. Vishal I. says, “Back Bay Boxing is an excellent place to start learning the basic boxing skills and technique. Great workout is an added bonus!”