Tucked behind Fenway Park is a row of small businesses, from barber shops to clothing stores and award-winning restaurants. One year ago, these didn’t exist. Today, the area is teeming with professionals out on lunch break, students going out for beers, and families visiting the famous baseball stadium. Craft Beer Cellar is one of the newcomers. This store boasts many types of, well, craft beer- but not just that. You’ll find wine and locally-made spirits in addition to top notch customer service. We spoke with one of the owners, Phil, who gave us some details on the most popular beers, the hardest-to-find beers, and why Fenway is so great:

What makes Craft Beer Cellar special?

The thing we strive for and continually work towards is delivering a wow factor to our customers. We hear several times a week that customers are like “kids in a candy shop” and that’s a great compliment to hear. We want customers to feel blown away both in terms of selection and service every time they come in.

Fenway Park is right next door, which makes this spot unique. When the Red Sox aren’t in town, what is unique about the Fenway neighborhood?

The neighborhood is great whether or not the Sox are in town. It’s diverse and we get energy from customers even late in the day.

One of the first things you notice when you walk in is the wide selection of craft brews. Do you notice that one type of beer draws in more customers than the other?

Our fridge in the back of the store is like a magnet, with 4 doors of IPAs.

Tell us a secret: what’s your favorite brew? And what’s the most popular?

We have lots of favorites on all spectrums. Right now, we are excited to be the only store in the area to sell beers from Exhibit A Brewing. If you haven’t had the Cat’s Meow, come on by. Night Shift Brewing is one of our most popular beer brands.

What’s one thing you wish that everyone knew about craft beers?

People have a tendency to think craft beer is expensive. Close to 20% of our beers are priced at $2 or less- and they’re great beers. There is also a wide breadth when it comes to types of craft beers. If you don’t like beer, you just haven’t found the right one yet.

In your free time, what other local businesses do you enjoy visiting?

We have great relationships with the folks next door at BloDry Boutique, Bostonian Barber Shop, Saloniki and Yard House. We’re all rooting for one another’s success!