Irish or not, Saint Patrick’s Day, in Boston, is one of the most celebrated days of the year. Boston’s rich history of Irish Catholics has turned Saint Patty’s Day into not only a religious celebration, but also a time for the city of Boston to come together and have a day filled with joy, excitement, and parades. If you want to go to the parade and also celebrate the with a few drinks, here are 6 Southie Pubs that are perfect for your St. Patty’s Day celebration.

The Clock Tavern Located in the heart of the South End of Boston, The Clock Tavern is perfectly located for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Frequented by Southie locals during Bruins, Celtics, and Red Sox games, The Clock Tavern is a great place to visit for any celebration or event. 342 W Broadway, Boston, MA 02127

Touchie’s Shamrock Pub This Southie dive bar has been a neighborhood staple for over 40 years. While Touchie’s is known for its strong contingent of regulars, they are always excited and welcoming towards new visitors. For an authentic Saint Patrick’s day experience, there is no better spot to visit than Touchie’s Shamrock Pub. 501 E 8th St, Boston, MA 02127

Worden Hall With 40 beers on tap and a selection of over 100 whiskeys, Worden Hall is taking South Boston by storm. While its all brick interior may give it a rustic and aged look, the food and drink are certainly ahead of the times. Located directly across the street from the Broadway transit station, you will have no problem stopping at Worden’s before, during, or after the parade. 22 W Broadway, Boston, MA 02127


Shenannigans Bar & Grill Looking for an authentic St. Patty’s Day celebration? Than Shenannigans Bar & Grill is just the pub for you. With live music on the weekends, TVs spread throughout the bar, and an Irish heritage, there is no better place to celebrate on Saint Patrick’s Day. 332 W Broadway, Boston, MA 02127

Tom’s English Cottage With two pool tables, a jukebox, and food and drink comparable to that of England, Tom’s English Cottage is your classic dive bar. While Tom’s English Cottage may not be the biggest or loudest bar, it is a great place for a smaller, low-key celebration.  If you are looking for a bar with a welcoming atmosphere and great service, Tom’s may be just the place for your Saint Patrick’s Day festivities. 118 Emerson St, Boston, MA 02127

The Junction The young and lively atmosphere found at The Junction in Southie is unrivaled by any other bar in the area. Hosting live music every Wednesday through Saturday, you’ll get a new experience each time you visit the Junction. Besides the unique atmosphere, the food and service and not to be trifled with. Head to The Junction for a St. Patty’s Day you will never forget. 110 Dorchester St, Boston, MA 02127