Festival season has begun in the DC Metro Area and Nift kicked it off at Ballston’s Quarterfest!


The heat is here, and summer is right around the corner! What does this mean in the DC metro area? Festivals, local events, and neighborhood celebrations that come in all shapes and sizes! Ballston’s first annual Quarterfest was one of the first events of the season, and Nift was thrilled to launch in the DMV by being a part of it.

On the first hot weekend of the season (think 90+ degrees), Nift launched in Ballston at the Quarterfest Festival brought to you by Ballston Gives, by giving over 3,000 gift cards to local businesses to attendees. Folks who have already discovered new local businesses have said, “Highly recommend! Not very obvious from the street but cool location inside. Food was great and service was awesome,” and “Some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had! Very friendly service too.”

During the Quarterfest, everyone who purchased a festival wristband received a Nift gift card. Each Nift gave the recipient a chance to discover a local business. People who received Nifts at Quarterfest have already brought over $25,000 to local restaurants, shops, gyms, pet stores, and more. As more people continue to use their gifts, we expect that people using Nift will bring at least $50,000 to businesses in their communities. After Quarterfest, local people are discovering local businesses in the DMV.

Quarterfest was a bustling and vibrant welcome to all the new businesses in the brand new Ballston Quarter Mall. Thousands of attendees (both human and four-legged fur babies) tasted food and drinks offered in the Quarter Market--from ice cream to noodles to barbecue from Sloppy Mama’s.


Nift wants people living or working anywhere in the DMV to be able to keep the excitement of festival season all-year round: when you get a Nift card, you’re getting the opportunity to try a great new business you might not have known about it. You know how it goes, right? Your friend brought you to one restaurant like, five years ago, and you’ve never really searched for something new.

“Loved the shrimp tempura sushi and the edamame. Would order again,” said one person who discovered a new restaurant. With Nift, you can discover new places, and reconnect with somewhere you might have forgotten for a while: “Nift was a great way to get me back to a restaurant I had only been to once a couple years ago. The food was good and they have great nightly specials, so I’ll be back!”

Ever been to The Well-Dressed Burrito? Or Le Desales? With Nift, you could discover them, or any of the other thousands of businesses using Nift. You can discover anything: Indian restaurants, Sushi restaurants, European bistros, boutiques, pastry shops, spas, gyms, cycling studios, pet stores, and more. Plus, we’re not stopping at Quarterfest. You’ll see us at tons more events! Come say hi and pick up a Nift–it’s your ticket to discovery.


But Nift isn’t stopping there: partnering with Ballston Quarter and Ballston BID, Nift wants people who work and live in the area to discover businesses year-round! Working with the Ballston Connect club, Nift will provide quarterly Nift cards to residents of Dittmar properties participating in the program so existing and new residents will keep discovering Ballston businesses year-round.