With the holiday season and the new year right around the corner, businesses in the Nift network are gearing up for a busy season full of customers looking for great time with friends and family.

Meju Korean Kitchen, Paris Creperie, Blackmoor Bar & Kitchen, JPizle Kitchen, Beantown Taqueria (and many others!) are trying something new this to give their businesses a boost in time for the holidays.

This year, Nift businesses can get real-time feedback from customers who text in. It helps merchants handle the stress of the holidays, plus, it’s all about giving. Any customers who text in receive a Nift gift to another local business, meaning they’ll be able to discover another great business in time to do some holiday shopping there.


Spread The Love… and The Nutella

When customers text in their feedback, they receive a Nift to another local business as a thank you. At Paris Creperie, getting a Nift after they provide feedback is something that makes loyal customers happy. Plus, it’s an easy way for Paris Creperie to let their customers know that hearing their thoughts is appreciated.

Before the holidays are in full swing, Paris Creperie used Text Feedback to see which crepes made customers come back again and again. Lots of eager customers texting in to share the love for signature crepes like the Nutella cannoli crepe and the John Gouda-man, and stellar beverages like the Nutella frozen hot chocolate, gives staff at Paris Creperie great insights about what’s working, and why their customers keep coming back. Oh, and the punny menu item names? Customers love those. They’re staying.

Courtesy of Paris Creperie

Make Quick Changes

Meju Korean Kitchen, one of the many restaurants in Davis Square, dishes up amazing bowls of bibimbap and killer bowls of yaki udon. Erick, one of Meju’s new owners, started using Nift’s Text Feedback feature to get a ton of feedback from customers about what makes Meju special to make the transition smooth, and make Meju even better than before.

In just two weeks, Erick and the team at Meju were able to quickly spot patterns and course correct. Customers pointing out the same types of things helped Meju prioritize and solve problems. Now, they’re ready to knock it out of the park this holiday season, and have a fresh start this New Year’s.

Courtesy of Meju Korean Kitchen

Keep Track of Operations

Understanding which staff members truly make the dining experience at Blackmoor Bar & Kitchen superior is critical to making sure first-timers become regulars. Owner Greg sees tons of staff shout outs from patrons who text in, and it lets him see who is going above and beyond to make customers happy.

Staff shout-outs from patrons who text in help Greg figure out who his patrons love, and it also boosts employee morale. The holidays are stressful, but saying and hearing “thank you” goes a long way in creating holiday spirit!


Courtesy of Blackmoor Bar & Kitchen

Become a Community Favorite

Nift merchants use Nift gifts to spread the love during the holidays, but Cindy and Anthony, new owners and managers of JPizle kitchen, know what it means to feel the love, too. When they started using Nift’s text feedback option, it made space for an outpouring of community support.

Customers who have been frequenting the establishment for years texted in detailed support and constructive feedback, making it clear that they want JPizle to become a place that feels like home as much as Cindy and Anthony do. Customers have texted in saying they’re grateful JPizle wants their feedback–it proves JPizle cares and makes them want to keep coming back. Sure, Cindy and Anthony have lots to offer customers at their new restaurant, but this holiday season, they’re seeing just how much love customers have to offer them.


Courtesy of JPizle Kitchen

Get text feedback before the holidays hit! Hearing what your customers have to say real-time makes everything run more smoothly–make changes, keep staff morale up, and showcase your business. Interested in letting your business thrive this holiday season? Drop us a line here.