Nift is constantly growing! We’d like to introduce some of our newest partners that joined this week:

Joselito is an intimate Spanish restaurant located on Capitol Hill. Created in homage to the owner’s father, Jose Candon Perez, who spent much of his time eating, drinking, and enjoying the beauty of life, Joselito aims to provide that same experience to their guests. Joselito showcases the traditional cuisine of Spain, but adds their own creativity and flair that the owners’ families grew up savoring. The space the owners create is evocative of the cafes where great thinkers like Neruda, Hemingway, and Garcia Lorca spent their days. 660 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC 20003

Courtesy of Joselito


Pitter-Pat Pet Care is a small dog-walking and pet-sitting company that has been in business for almost a decade. Their employees care about your pets, and they’re always thinking about how to give your pet the one-on-one attention they deserve. Plus, they know that bigger doesn’t always mean better. By keeping their business small, they can ensure that every employees’ top priority is the dogs. One example of their commitment? No matter what kind of weather it is, they’ll make sure to give your dog a great walk. 430 Allied Pl #1422 Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Courtesy of Pitter-Pat Pet Care


Gardens Galore is the next step for owner Linda Corapi-Bolles. After 30 years of designing landscapes for private and commercial properties, Corapi-Bolles decided she loved the art that came with landscaping enough to open a retail location. Gardens Galore features the work of over 200 artists, and brings the beauty of gardens to home decor, paintings, note cards, jigsaw puzzles, and more. Gardens Galore also offers classes (like their wall-hanging succulents class!) to help you create and bring natural beauty to your own home. 300 Tradecenter Ste 1450, Woburn, MA 01801

Courtesy of Gardens Galore


Nu Flav dishes up delicious Caribbean dining and takeout options to the Boston community. By committing to using only fresh ingredients and seafood, Nu Flav ensures that all their food is top-quality. From traditional Haitian cornmeal for breakfast, to the classic American burger on their dinner menu, to house special fish & chips, Nu Flav offers something for everyone, and makes sure you have the best opportunity to taste their food. 1100 Blue Hill Avenue, Boston, MA 02124-3108

Courtesy of Nu Flav Restaurant


Double Chin Restaurant brings “Asian fusion done right” to the heart of Boston’s Chinatown. What’re they (literally) bringing to the table? Fusion sandwiches, reworked traditional dishes, a boozy brunch that looks like it’s to die for, and dessert good enough to shut the town down. When crafting the menu, sisters Gloria and Emily Chin focused on what they remembered of the food of their childhood, and combining it with modern trends. What’s their claim to fame? Cube toast, a hollowed out brioche filled with sweets that rivals any dessert around. 86 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02111

Courtesy of Double Chin


Putterham Grille, just outside of downtown Boston, wants to make sure the food you eat looks like art. With a focus on presentation, the staff at Putterham grilled are cooking up modern Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and serve it in a relaxing environment. To create memorable food presentations, they work with top-quality fresh ingredients. An extensive menu with options ranging from classic comfort to new and adventurous, Putterham is truly a neighborhood staple. 1012 W Roxbury Pkwy, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Courtesy of The Putterham Grille


The Covered Market brings goods and gifts all the way from Turkey to Takoma Park, Maryland. Your one-stop spot for fashion, shoes, jewelry, lighting, art, and home decor, The Covered Market is full of everything you need. Bold scarves and jewelry ranging from muted to statement pieces, pillows made to match any color profile, and shoes that will make any outfit are only a few of the items housed inside The Covered Market. 7000 Carroll Ave D, Takoma Park, MD 20912

Courtesy of The Covered Market


The Coffee Factory is a family-owned operation based out of Derry New Hampshire, but has since opened subsequent locations in Salem and Newburyport. The Coffee Factory hosts open mic night, rents out their space for gatherings, and generally does whatever they can to make the space comfortable for anyone looking to grab a quick drink or hang out for a while with friends or some work. Alongside a full range of espresso beverage, The Coffee Factory proudly lauds their stores’ independence as the reason they can get creative, try new flavors, and allow customers to be creative and stylish when ordering. 56 State St, Newburyport, MA 01950

Courtesy of The Coffee Factory


E&C Barbers, located in the heart of Malden, Massachusetts, provides cuts, shaves, and more to anyone who stops by. Always welcoming walk-ins, E&C gives the best to their customers. Hailed by reviewers as a place where your barber is always a genuine guy who can actually make you smile, E&C Barbers has been a staple of the community since 2005. 47 Pleasant St., Malden, MA 02148

Courtesy of E&C Barber