Boost Your Repeat Rate

Give $30 Nift gift cards—FREE

  • Increase loyalty of existing clientele
  • Stay top of mind and encourage referrals
  • Incentivize membership and purchases

Send thank you emails with $30 gift cards.
Send $30 gift cards via text message, too.


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Thanked Customers Return More Than Twice as Often (2.2x)

It’s more important than ever to bring customers back and solidify your client base.

Thank clients with a Nift gift card—FREE
We see that clients who are thanked with a Nift gift card, and use it, return to the business that thanked them more than twice as often (2.2x) as other customers.

—Based on 150,747 returning customers and 77 Nift member health and wellness businesses over 4 months.

Automatically thank customers when they:

  • Come back
  • Renew their membership
  • Make a purchase
  • Schedule a class, and more...

“Over $94k in revenue from Nift. You can see what’s really working and who’s coming back.”

— Jody Merrill, Owner, BTONE Fitness

"We're able to send Nifts as a thank-you whenever our customers buy memberships or a certain number of 30-day passes to give them a little kickback. And we almost always get thank-you messages on Facebook or by email when we do that."

Using Nift to keep loyal customers coming back and bring in new ones, has helped Btone excel. "You want people to be able to open an email with a gift card and get a warm happy feeling, because that goes a long way."

Millions of customers are using Nift to discover great brands like these.

Give customers a $30 gift to enjoy wine, food delivery, clothing and more—it’s free.

How do customers get Nift gift cards?

Mindbody businesses can give Nift gift cards to reward their customers for taking actions, like signing up for a class, renewing their membership, or making a purchase. There is no cost to give $30 Nift gift cards.

What can people get with Nift gift cards?

Wine, gourmet food delivery, in-home fitness classes, hand-tailored shoes, custom vitamin supplements, jewelry, cosmetics, protein powder, sneakers, steak, beer. When people use a $30 Nift gift card, they’re matched with Nift-member businesses where they can use those funds.

Why is it free for Mindbody businesses?

Nift-member businesses, such as Gaiam, Hello Fresh and Verb Energy, trust Nift’s matchmaking technology to bring them the right new customers. That’s why they cover the full cost. They know that people who use a Nift gift card to try their business and like it, will spend more and come back.

How long do you have to use a Nift gift card?

Gift cards typically expire within 30 days.

Can you give your Nift gift card to a friend?


Can you get $30 every month?

If you’re a great customer, absolutely. Great customers get $30 to try new businesses every month.