Data Analytics Manager
Data Science Team

Nift is disrupting performance marketing, delivering millions of new customers to brands every month and we are actively looking for a Data Analytics Manager to join our team. We are a well-managed, data-driven, cash-flow-positive company with a customer-first mindset. Our investors are the same folks who invested in Fitbit, Warby Parker, Wayfair, and Twitter. We're looking for a Data Analytics expert who will analyze, interpret, and formulate action plans that drive revenue.

The role:

You will report to our Head of Data Science and work closely with our CEO to create solutions for accelerated business performance. In this role, you will work with the heads of eCommerce, Local, UX/Brand, and Development to drive revenue growth and improve the consumer experience. This is a critical function for Nift. This person will be the first on the team, and we expect the team to grow in number as company objectives are achieved. You will identify & prioritize areas of opportunity that will directly impact Nift’s revenue growth. We are looking for an experienced Data Analytics SME with a proactive revenue growth mindset to understand customer behavior using data & research; and execution focus to iteratively test, measure, take action and resolve things.

What you will do:

  • As a player/coach establish & build out a team to meet the company's revenue objectives
  • Oversee the data/report requests process: tracking request
  • Conduct root cause analysis, statistical analysis, & reasoning of trends
  • Formulate and implement action plans to drive and accelerate revenue growth
  • Design / run A/B & multivariate experiments
  • Collaborate with engineering and UX on the end-to-end process of design, test implementation, and analysis
  • Document, communicate findings, develop & implement action plans to resolve any/all issues discovered
  • Design, create, build and automate dashboards/reporting for actionable insight into all of our data from funnels/flows
  • Ensure the accuracy of data on all projects & deliverables
  • Examine, interpret and report results of analytical initiatives to all relevant stakeholders on our leadership, sales, and product teams.
  • Design, build and implement processes to fix & optimize them

What You Need:

  • Established and/or managed a team (preferred). Been a Team Lead for at least 2 years
  • Experience dealing with large consumer data sets
  • Excellent statistical analysis, root cause analysis & identification
  • Very proficient with SQL
  • An ability to deliver on time (sense of urgency)
  • Bachelor's degree in an analytical field such as economics, mathematics, statistics, or computer science (an advanced degree in a quantitative field is preferred)
  • 6+ years of experience working in a commercial production environment
  • Proven experience with defining, implementing, and analyzing A/B and multivariate experiments
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

What You Get:

  • Great opportunity to join a cash-flow positive growing company
  • As the first Data Analytics Manager, you have the ability to define the role and playbook for this department and to build out a team
  • Direct impact on Nift's revenue, company growth, scale, future success
  • Work remotely, competitive salary and benefits

To schedule a call to learn more, email Please include your resume and/or LinkedIn profile along with your upcoming availability.