Senior Data Scientist / Machine Learning
Data Science Team

Nift is an invitation-only network that helps neighborhood businesses get the right local customers to walk through the door. Launched in Boston in the Summer of 2016, our start-up outperforms every other form of advertising and has helped over a million people discover great local businesses.

Data Science is the heart and core of our company. Algorithms and models are the foundation upon which our product is built, with data driving our key decisions, testing and growth. Our Chief Scientist, David C Parkes, is the former Area Dean of Computer Science at Harvard and the Co-Director of Harvard's Data Science Initiative. The amount of data we have doubles every two months with even more sources waiting to be added. Our product represents a completely new kind of marketplace and the science around it has yet to be defined. We're looking for a senior Data Scientist to join our core team. We know that 95% of the data scientist jobs out there are for business analysts. We’re NOT looking for analysts. We need a senior Data Scientist that will be the cornerstone of our team.

This position is based in Boston, MA.

Examples of projects we currently need help with:

  • Lead and guide data engineers in implementing our methodologies on different platforms, such as R, Spark, H2O, tensorflow, while evaluating models and making trade-off decisions on the best solutions.
  • Creative use of existing data, as well frequent integration of new types of data, for feature engineering that will results in more predictive, accurate, and insightful models.
  • Deep dive into the internal mechanics of machine learning algorithms, suggesting modifications to our current implementation and pipeline.
  • Lead and guide data engineers in comparing the performance of different machine learning methods, such as kernel methods, XGBoost, regularized regression, and deep nets.
  • Develop causal models.
  • Develop and implement practical approaches to deal with real life data challenges, such as incomplete data, high signal to noise ratio.
  • Accelerate research-to-production cycle by developing new and novel experimental frameworks and metrics.
  • Integrate learning-to-rank techniques and collaborative filtering methods.

We have a strong core team with a deep understanding of data science. Our work is highly sought-after, and is critical to the success of our business. If you have a proven track-record in the field and are excited to help build Nift, we want to hear from you.

Traits we value:

  • Ability to write clean and concise code, especially in R or Python.
  • Solid understanding of statistics.
  • Keen eye for detail and thoughtful investigation of data before relying upon it.
  • Intuition for data science best practices, stemming from proven experience.
  • Steadfast focus on creating impactful change and ability to prioritize between many tasks to maximize the improvement of the business.
  • 5+ years industry experience and a Master's degree in a quantitative field, Ph.D. is a plus.
  • Collaborative team player who values the contribution of others.