Mon Sanctuaire is a small intimate studio designed to provide a cozy atmosphere for our clients. In this “results” driven society often what most people really need is a safe space to just breathe! We create a safe environment for our clients to facilitate their “own healing process” and we understand that each person is on their own unique path. We meet each person with that in mind, and we don’t decide in advance what someone needs because while technique plays a part in the session, it is by no means the most important. Our Signature massage sessions incorporate multiple modalities and are specific to each client’s needs. We use our intuition during these sessions allowing for UN-biased inspiration that clears the way for healing to occur.

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Tabitha is wonderful! The space was calming and I will definitely be back!

Vanessa, December 9, 2019

They provided an excellent massage that was so relaxing!

Sarah, November 30, 2019

Already made an appointment to return next week!

Heather, October 11, 2019

Mon Sanctuaire is a wonderful and relaxing place. I got a prenatal massage from Jackie, and I highly recommend her. I intend to go back for more! She was skilled and very personable, and the space is immaculate. It can be hard to find, but just call and they help you out.

Abigail, December 23, 2018

Great customer service... Melinda happily answer all my questions. Looking forward to enjoying your services soon!

YSarel, September 19, 2018

location hard to find, but directions on website

Mary, May 18, 2018

Loved my services. Please check your site. It would allow me to use the coupon ONLY on a facial, yet when I spoke to the owner, she said it was valid for both either a massage or facial. I opted for the massage. It was amazing! I also treated myself to a reflexology session. It was a real treat.!

Elizabeth, February 22, 2018
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