eSalon creates at-home hair color made especially for you and delivered to your door.

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communication was top notch, seriously by far the best I've ever dealt with. I will definitely be using them again in the future and referring the company to everyone I know and meet

Melissa, April 13, 2021

Color was exactly what I expected and then some y’all really take the time to match a color that fits someone

Heather, April 13, 2021

love the color was perfect will keep subscription

Daddyz Lil, April 13, 2021


Charlene, April 11, 2021

Seems like a cool thing - didn’t get a chance to use it though

Emillie, April 10, 2021

I loved the application kit and the color looks great, I am curious to see how long the color lasts but so far Im very satisfied!

Chelsea, April 5, 2021

They got my color red good and it was easy to apply. It wasn't red enough so they redid it and I got it free. I love how they go above and beyond to ensure their clients are extremely satisfied. There are wonderful extras one can choose to add on as a one time or whenever needed. You can tweak the shipping date to anything you need or want. I'm a client for life and never would have tried esalon if it wasn't for Nift.

Sarra, April 3, 2021

Everything was great! The packaging, the step by step instructions, 2 pairs of gloves, awesome! Easy to apply dye, either with bottle or with provided brush. Very happy with end result. The color was a perfect match!

Allison, March 30, 2021

I wasn't sure how well the color would be but I was pleasantly surprised ,it was dropped at my door and I'm able to send notes to make adjustments

Pattie, March 29, 2021

Amazing i love my hair color

Christine, March 29, 2021

It was super easy, and I look forward to receiving my products. The fact that you have coupons and can earn extra points is an extra plus.

Ashley, March 27, 2021

Did not use

Olivia, March 26, 2021

they were extremely helpful and tried getting hold of me about my order but I missed them.they are very professional.

Angela, March 25, 2021

Amazing color and the packaging and attention to details is great.

Tonya, March 24, 2021

It was okay!

Kristen, March 23, 2021

Didnt have time to use it, but the idea is great!

Jennifer, March 21, 2021

Absolutely LOVE E-Salon! Beautiful hair color customized For ME.... AND delivered to my door?! 😊 This is the best idea I've heard since they came up with sliced bread. 🍞😂I totally recommend trying E-Salon, you'll love it! 😊👍

Dayna Jo, March 19, 2021

I love esalon its is the best. They take all the guess work out i felt like i was in the salon with a stylist. Its so easy and the step by step process makes it so fun and fabulous. They know how to make you feel like a queen. Thanks esalon

Rosa, March 14, 2021

the best I will be going back. their online service is the best thing for me because they have the ability to help with just a click of a button.

Rosita, March 13, 2021

Nice color

Venissia, March 11, 2021

Ok products

Danyellaa, March 7, 2021

They are an awesome business! It was so easy to navigate the website and order color from! It makes it easy to see what colors would be good for you. I will definitely be buying more color from here

Lanie, March 6, 2021

loved the color they chose and the different process in which you use their product

Laura, March 2, 2021

Customer service:Fabulous! Product: I am very satisfied with except for my roots are a shade off but not to noticeable. I think i up the time i soak my roots and wha lag, perfect!!

Christina, March 1, 2021

I love the professional products!

Amanda, February 28, 2021

the hair dye came with all the things needed to do my hair and the color was perfect I loved it

Crystal, February 28, 2021

hair color wasn't exactly what I thought it was gonna be

Betsi, February 26, 2021

Love the product it was awesome

Tricia, February 22, 2021

Hair looking right boo boo

Savannah, February 22, 2021


Kate, February 21, 2021

Love the color, perfect.

Karen, February 21, 2021

Quick delivery. Personable

Wendy, February 15, 2021

You guys are awesome!!! I'm ssooo stoked on what's to come!! Thank you for the help, gifts and the hospitality!!

Marie, February 15, 2021

They’re awesome def will be going back so simple to use and a great quality and price !!

Torria, February 15, 2021

Fast and great product

Karen, February 14, 2021

Personally customized home hair color kits which is awesome!

Reem, February 13, 2021


Sabrina, February 11, 2021

Not quite the hair color I was wanting but I think it's because of the red that was already in my hair

Betsi, February 8, 2021

the site was so easy to maneuver

Tracey, February 8, 2021

I plan on using it tonight! Can't wait!! Already have referred friends!

Heidi, February 7, 2021

Excellent Service!!!! I am very happy!!!

Molly, February 5, 2021

Easy to use

Jennifer, February 5, 2021

Great color

Alexyy, February 2, 2021

Never used!

Heather, January 29, 2021

Great customer service. I love the packaging and quality of the product. Personalized color done by a colorist based on my photo and questionnaire. My color ended up being a little darker than I wanted but I got great grey coverage, and that’s good for me!

Maria Dolores, January 26, 2021

Lovely product! I will try again and again. Nice shampoo and conditioner as well. My agent is friendly and very attentive! I’m quite satisfied with my color. Thanx Mindy Oh...and my hair looks fabulous!

Flissa, January 26, 2021

All your product is awesome Thank you so much

Sharon, January 26, 2021
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