Meals are designed to be family oriented. As a mother with three boys and a former family childcare provider, I know how busy we all are and how, by the time you get home, you just want a healthy, delicious meal on the table. The meals you pick up from us will be ready to heat and eat - quick and easy!

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This store is unique in its services and a great find ! The food is fresh, healthy, and tasty. I especially liked their large selection of gluten-free pastries. The Morning Glory muffin was delicious and I'm looking forward to eating my soup which I got out of the freezer section.

Judith, December 11, 2019

I liked the idea that Renee's Kitchen is restaurant style food on the go. I don't like cooking and am not good at it so I usually find myself having to get fast food, so I'm glad I found an alternative for maybe once a week. I also like that the frozen food is discounted and will probably end up getting that due to my budget.

Stephanie, December 6, 2019

Cute little shop with a large selection on entree or bakery items to choose from.

Molly, November 16, 2019

I enjoyed the dark chocolate chip cookies topped with sea salt. Delicious! A great place to stop and pick up a good, hearty meal if you don’t feel like cooking.

Mark, November 16, 2019

My curry chicken salad sandwich was absolutely delicious, but a little meager for the price and my appetite!

Brandon, November 13, 2019

Great prepared meal for dinner and had a great sandwich for lunch.

Bridget, November 4, 2019

We LOVED Renee's Kitchen and will definitely be stopping back in! Renee was very friendly and helpful and the food healthy and delicious. Loved being able to stop by and pick up a "home cooked meal" to take to our kids and grandkids instead of chasing the little ones around a restaurant.

Judith, October 30, 2019

Nice people. An intriguing and inviting menu. I will be back!

Eric, October 17, 2019

the food was really good!

Stefanie, October 2, 2019

Nice combination of ingredients Very fresh

Doris, September 26, 2019

Met Renee and she was great! Food looks yummy and so convenient.

Susan, September 15, 2019

Delicious! Renee was kind in helping me select from several offerings. Like Arnold, I’ll be back ;)

Karen, September 13, 2019

Great food!

Anil, September 10, 2019

Renee was so nice and the food was both fresh and delicious!

Arielle, August 29, 2019

Thought this was a restaurant, but was pleasantly surprised to learn about the meals this place offers and I was still able to get a sandwich for lunch and sit down at a coffee table inside with my friend.

Greg, August 25, 2019


Ken, August 22, 2019

Renee is so nice, and it was a warm environment. I enjoyed my food.

Michelle, August 20, 2019

Nice and friendly owner. Reasonably priced and good selection of food.

Azahara, August 17, 2019

Easy to use and food was fantastic! Will return for move visits! Thanks for introducing me to Renee’s Kitchen through Nift!

Alynda, August 12, 2019

Delicious soup, very well seasoned.

Holly, August 2, 2019

So happy to learn about Renee's Kitchen! Great to know that people who do not cook, due to lack of time or talent, do not have to miss out on fresh home-cooked meals with a wide variety of options. The atmosphere is simple and delightful for relaxing with a quiet cup of coffee, enjoying a fresh bakery item, or chatting while you wait for a sandwich. Freezer sales are a great way to capitalize on savings when the budget is tight. I had a terrific lunch on the go and will be back again!

Beatrice, August 1, 2019

As a first time visitor to Renee's Kitchen I was very impressed and will definitely go again. The food was delicious and the staff welcoming and helpful.

Jackie, July 31, 2019

I loved Renee’s kitchen! And Renee herself is extremely nice and welcoming. My husband and I both enjoyed the ready-made dinners we bought there and will definitely go back. However, I think a mistake has been made because I still have a gift certificate for Debsan decorating store here in Natick, but I got an email from Nift saying that my Nift certificate had expired, which is not the case. I still had $20 value on my certificate after using the first portion of it at Renee’s kitchen.

Karen, July 18, 2019

The dinner I bought was delicious and nutritious and Gluten Free. I added a GF morning glory muffin which was also delicious and moist. I will definitely go here again.

Liz, July 16, 2019

I appreciated the chance to try out a (new to me) local business. I was able to meet the Business Owner/Chef who was very pleasant and can't wait to try the meals I purchased. Thank you.

Jennifer, July 16, 2019

I was extremely happy to learn that Renee understands food allergies and makes so many options for people who have to watch what they eat. The menu is extensive and the food I purchased was delicious. I'll definitely return to Renee's.

Susan, July 15, 2019

Renee's Kitchen was such a positive experience as I redeemed my NIFT card today! Renee greeted me in person and explained the way her kitchen works. I had heard such positive feedback about Renee's Kitchen though it was Nift that motivated me to show up. She has a great selection of entrees both fresh and frozen and I had confidence in her expertise and culinary ability. I can't wait to experience Renee's culinary expertise! Renee's Kitchen is tucked away in Natick but it is worth finding!

ANDREA, July 8, 2019

Everything was delicious, and Renne was wonderful. So happy we find this place and we’re able to try it out. Definitely will be coming back!

Shelby, June 19, 2019

Always fresh and yummy.

Ann, June 5, 2019

I had the pleasure of meeting Renee today. She has a wonderful spirit, willing to collaborate, the decor was charming, and the food was delicious. I will be back! She rates 5 stars!

Greta, May 31, 2019

It was the first time I ventured into Renee's Kitchen and Renee was very helpful in explaining what she offers and very friendly!

May, May 9, 2019

The food was excellent and the service very friendly. Will definitely be coming back!

Courtney, May 7, 2019

What a find! The food is delicious.

Mauryne, April 19, 2019

Great food!

Lorraine, April 17, 2019

We had a great experience at Renee's. The food was great, the owner was friendly and warm. We'll definitely be back in the near future!

Russell, April 1, 2019

What a great place - it's getting a home cooked meal with out having to do anything! Renee was very friendly and helpful. I will definitely go back!

Marissa, March 1, 2019

The food was delicious; perfectly seasoned, fresh and tasty. Renee is great. I have passed her info on to colleagues. I will definitely be returning.

Padg, February 25, 2019

Hidden gem in Natick!

Glenn, February 20, 2019

I loved meeting Renee at Renee's Kitchen and really enjoyed the desserts I picked up from her store. I'll definitely be coming back and have already told my friends about it!

Sukanya, February 16, 2019

Nice assortment of freshly prepared baked goods and entrees. The hummus and curried shrimp were both top notch. I’ll be back to try something else.

Kathleen, February 9, 2019

Food is carefully prepared on site. They are particularly attentive to food allergies which is a good thing.

Rajashree, February 2, 2019

All the food looks fresh and tasty - took a dinner home for my husband while I go on a girl's weekend ! 2 Chocolate cookies warmed in the microwave were to die for ! Will definitely go back again ! I Highly recommend Renee and her kitchen !

Jill, February 1, 2019

I met Renee and learned all about her delicious home cooked meals. Will definitely go back!

Phyllis, January 31, 2019

The owner is very pleasant and accommodating. The lunch I had was very good (however, it is not really in my normal budget range). If money is no object, its a great alternative.

Jane, January 25, 2019

She was very helpful, friendly and took the time to explain about her menu and future ordering. I’ll be back, for sure.

Sarah, January 18, 2019

Great scones!!

J, January 14, 2019

Excellent food. Would definitely tell my friends about this local treasure.

Irene, January 10, 2019

Excellent food. Lovely menu that changes weekly. The owner is lovely too!

Carole, January 8, 2019

The food was excellent and Renee couldn’t have been nicer! I will be back and will recommend it to friends!

Andrea, December 18, 2018
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