Opa Greek Yeeros brings authentic Greek cuisine and a lively atmosphere to Somerville’s Davis Square. Walk into our shop and you’ll immediately smell delicious, fresh Greek food being made to order behind the counter. Here, we focus on authenticity and bring homemade flavor to life in each dish. From beef lamb yeero pita to bougatsa, our menu features a variety of items to choose from. All of our ingredients are high-quality and imported to ensure every bite is consistently mouthwatering. The next time you’re looking to order out, we hope you’ll decide to give us a try.

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My salad was very fresh and delicious. The person at the cash register was very friendly, helpful, and patient.

Linda L., November 23, 2019

Lovely location with great staff and tasty meals!!

Karima U., October 30, 2019

The yeero was large and filled with fries and my roommates really liked the baklava. Best of all, though, the staff there were really patient and kind as I pondered my choices.

Tyrone L., October 23, 2019

Fantastic Greek food. Will go back again and tell my friends. Nice neighborhood restaurant. Thank you!

Ellen G., September 14, 2019

Service was SO friendly and the food was great!

Tuli S., September 9, 2019

Delicious! The food was tasty and flavorful, the service was excellent, everyone was friendly and personable. It was a great takeout experience. Now I want to go back and sit at the counter and have a meal. Yum!

Shirley M. F., September 2, 2019
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