Putting service and quality first, J. Cody’s creates an unforgettable dining experience. Our warm, friendly staff makes you feel welcome the moment you walk in the door. And at the same time, your senses are detecting the delicious, smoky aromas permeating the dining room air. Following your nose to the vegetable buffet reveals the scrumptious homemade sides and breads awaiting your pleasure. Upon closer inspection reveals the corn J. Cody’s is known for, aka Cody Corn. And just behind the buffet, one can find the mesquite grill ready to sizzle you up a delectable, tender juicy steak. Of course, our mouth-watering BBQ is not grilled but smoked to perfection on two Ole Hickory pits in the back. A casual glance to the back just before placing your order reveals the shiny stainless work horses that create some of the best BBQ in town.

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Food was amazing

D, October 21, 2019

I would have never known this place existed and it not only had great food but an amazing atmosphere. Great find thanks to Nift.

Felicity, October 21, 2019

It was great, love the atmosphere and the jalapeno cornbread.

Rachel, October 17, 2019

the meat was good. I didn't like the sides

Carolyn, October 16, 2019

I absolutely love j codys so polite and courteous. I live for the food here

Leeosha, October 16, 2019

It was definitely delicious

Sis squadd, October 13, 2019

Great food

Angie, October 12, 2019

Food was good

Justin, October 11, 2019

service was fast! and the bbq is best in town by far👍

Erica, October 10, 2019

The bbq was so gooood! I will always go back! You can get a bbq sandwich and two side dishes!!!

Star, October 10, 2019


Teofilo, October 10, 2019

the food great and the time to get it was amazing

Cece, October 10, 2019

The burger was great! The fries are excellent!!

Jonathan, October 9, 2019

Fabulous food, fun atmosphere and the fresh baked bread is worth the trip!

Christina, October 7, 2019

JCody's was great. I got the brisket plate and it was just right.

Michele, October 7, 2019

The cornbread and corn was delicious! Really enjoyed the brisket too!

Natalie, October 6, 2019

Good tasting bbq, and interesting unlimited side opportunities. Would recommend!

Baylor, October 5, 2019

really good bbq, and we got our food pretty quick!

Gustavo, October 4, 2019

Good food and awesome staff

Jamaul, October 3, 2019

J Cody’s is a great place to get some good home style cooking and bar b que. Hard to beat it!!

Dylan, October 3, 2019

friendly atmosphere and good food

Michael, October 1, 2019

good food

CoLd, October 1, 2019

Great food and service

Zane, October 1, 2019

It was good food, the cashier was very sweet and helpful

Mandie, September 30, 2019

Great food and service

James, September 30, 2019

food was good and hot

09pantherboy, September 29, 2019

The brisket is juicy, flavorful and not fatty! The self serve sides are awesome!

Malisa, September 28, 2019

The meal was excellent and I was surprised the sides were self serve a big plus compared to the other BBQ places.

Edward, September 27, 2019

It was really great i talked about it at work to everyone and told them to go by there.

Ella, September 27, 2019

Great food, enjoyed the buffet style sides

Nicholas, September 27, 2019


Elizet, September 27, 2019

Food was a little dry, but they made it good

Cindy, September 25, 2019

Food was delicious and service was fast and friendly. Definitely will go back

Melissa, September 25, 2019

great taste!

Ben, September 24, 2019

Good and filling. I appreciated the ability to serve myself side dishes buffet style to go with my two-meat plate.

Tanya, September 24, 2019

Always worth it

Koko, September 24, 2019

i perfer mustartd potatoe salad

Linda, September 23, 2019

Best BBQ in College Station!!!

Logan, September 22, 2019

You get a lot for the price.

Tamica, September 22, 2019

It was fantastic I had the chopped beef sandwich and I loved it also great customer service I like to say thanks

Beverly, September 21, 2019

this was a good nift. i liked this place and plan to go back soon

Samuel, September 21, 2019

Quick service and great food!

Sherry, September 20, 2019

J.Cody is a affordable bbq place in Bryan,Tx The cabbage and potatoes salad is great. I high recommend this place.

Brandy, September 19, 2019

one of the best burgers in town.

Justin, September 19, 2019

Delicious, plus an unlimited sides bar!

Roy, September 18, 2019

Great assistance for my first time there. Fast and everyone was very friendly!

Beth, September 16, 2019


Jacqueline, September 16, 2019

Great tasting burger. Very filling

Angel, September 16, 2019

Great service and awesome food! Big portions for price. Was a little busy for Sunday lunch

Brian, September 15, 2019

Burger was really good!

Audrey, September 14, 2019

Had the brisket & pork ribs plate with some cornbread and several sides from the good selection. All very good.

Kip, September 14, 2019

Great food and great service

Debbie, September 13, 2019

The food is delicious, especially the sides. It’s a fan favorite!

Laura, September 11, 2019

Brisket and chicken was very tender. Staff were very nice.

Micah, September 8, 2019

Brisket was dry, burgers were not good, customer service was great, atmosphere was good. We think there is probably better stuff on the menu that we didn’t order.

Bethany, September 7, 2019

Cashier was amazing not only am I new to the app but she had only done it a few times before and she was awesome. Not to mention she was also training a new employee.

Tara, September 5, 2019

The meat was tender, sauce was good! Okra gumbo was really good!

Shelia, September 5, 2019

J Cody's was awesome

Lydia, September 4, 2019

This was my first time here and it was a great first experience. The vegetables were fresh and delicious.

LaTia, September 4, 2019

Some of the best sausage I’ve had!

Lisa, September 4, 2019

Love it n the people

Tamika, September 3, 2019

Great service and food

Caitlin, September 3, 2019

Brisket was the best I've had in a long time! Tender, no need for a knife.

Michelle, September 3, 2019

Wonderful service and great food

Rekeita, September 2, 2019

The Jalapeño cornbread was amazing! And I loved the small business ownership feel.

Sterling, September 2, 2019

This is the best barbecue I’ve had in town! The food was flavorful with HUGE portions! I will be returning.

Rachel, September 1, 2019

A great new place to get bar b q

Gwynetta, August 29, 2019

Love the food at J Cody's...and the corn is my all-time favorite vegetable!

CAROLYN, August 28, 2019

Friendly staff and great food!

Keira, August 27, 2019

The customer service was great and the food was even better!

Jasmine, August 26, 2019


LYN, August 26, 2019


Kathryn, August 24, 2019

It was great!

A., August 23, 2019

Great service and great food as always! The chicken was fabulous!

Amanda, August 22, 2019

Great place employee was very helpful

Angelea, August 18, 2019

We really enjoyed our meal.. nift is a great app

Maria, August 17, 2019

Their barbecue was very good .

Susan, August 17, 2019

Everything was delicious! The place was clean - staff helpful and kind - we will definitely be back!

Libby, August 17, 2019

Always Great!

Jeff, August 16, 2019

Delicious and authentic bbq!

Jennifer, August 15, 2019

Love this place!

Laura, August 10, 2019

The food was tasty and I really enjoyed being able to pick my sides. The cornbread was also delicious. Everything was well priced for the amount and quality being served.

Caroline, August 7, 2019

Good food and good prices!!

Krystal, August 7, 2019

Thank you it was so Good! Perfect!

Paulette, August 6, 2019

Best Tastung BBQ In Bryan-College Station area!!

Juliet, August 5, 2019

Very good and delicious and services was wonderful and friendly.

Tyler, August 4, 2019

Very good

Dominic, August 3, 2019

Service was fabulous and the food was delicious, can't wait to take my family

Rj, August 2, 2019

The food was amazing and the staff was extremely sweet and informative.

Rebecca, August 2, 2019

Wonderful service and food, I’ve never been here but I’m glad I went!

Taylor, July 31, 2019

It was amazing

MLB, July 31, 2019


Teresa, July 30, 2019

The portion was smaller than I expected for the price, but it was good.

Channing, July 30, 2019

Very good BBQ with great side options available buffet style.

Kristi, July 28, 2019

Brisket was decent, sausage was good, turkey was excellent. I'm a picky eater, so literally none of the buffet sides appealed to me. As well, did have one frustration -- while I was trying to place a to-go order, their staff were *too* on the ball, as they came along and took away my tray, and with it, half of my brisket!

Darrel, July 22, 2019

I really liked J. Cody's! The decor is spot-on "western/BBQ joint" decor, and it has a great ambience. I got the grilled salmon, and the portion was hefty size. The rice it was served with was seasoned but not too strong or overdone. Also, the bread! It came with bread, and while I usually ignore extra bread with my meals, I ate this bread because it smelled SO GOOD. It smelled like normal, real, home-made bread. The creamed corn and steak fries were also delicious.

Kaysey, July 17, 2019

It’s not the best Barbeque in town, but the price is right and the atmosphere fits the town’s tradition. I would go back again because of the great location.

David, July 12, 2019

The staff were extremely nice and helpful, and the food was pretty good! I had a great first visit. Will return!

Kirsten, July 5, 2019

It was very good

Mariah, July 3, 2019


Arnetria, July 2, 2019

Hot food side bar is always kept full and always steaming good hot!

Debbie, June 28, 2019

Good service

Lakesha, June 27, 2019
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