Tang Soo Do (Korean karate) is an ancient martial art originating over 2,000 years ago and is one of the oldest forms for karate practiced around the world today. Tang Soo Do is known as a classical martial art which is especially noted by most experts as self defensive combat style and whose current status has been achieved through many decades of refining and improving its techniques. Today, its instruction methods still emphasize the philosophies and discipline that were stressed in ancient times, while adjusting to the physical and mental needs of today’s practitioners. it is designed and intended to progressively develop character, integrity, self-discipline and respect for others. The owner and chief instructor of Byrne’s Tang Soo Do of North Andover is Master Steve DiGloria, 6th Degree Black Belt. He has been teaching for over 25 years and has helped promote over 100 students to the rank of Black Belt, several of whom have gone on to achieve the rank of Master (4th degree black belt) . Along with Master D is Master Leah Santangelo, 4th Degree Black Belt. Ms. Santangelo has been a member of the school since 2000. Byrne’s Tang Soo Do offers a wide variety of classes for children, family classes (parents and kids training together) and classes with a more mature approach for ages 13 and older. Please feel free to contact Master DiGloria personally at his email with any questions.

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