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On June 21st, employees from leading Boston area tech companies will receive Nift gift cards. They'll use these cards to go discover great local businesses. Don't miss your chance to join and bring more amazing customers through the door.

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Leading Boston tech companies participating in the Nift Giftfest.

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How does it work? How many new customers will you get? We'll answer all of these questions and more.

Which neighborhood businesses are participating?

How much does it cost to participate?

It's free for businesses to be a part of Nift's Neighborhood Giftfest!

Like so many other businesses who rely on Nift, when you sign up and feature a gift in the network, you'll get discovered by great customers. When a customer comes through your door to redeem their Nift gift, you'll be responsible for covering the cost of your goods and services. You won't have any additional out of pocket expenses.

How are gifts redeemed?

Congrats! A local customer has come into your store to pick up their Nift gift. That means it's time to complete the transaction. You can redeem the gift right on the customer's smart phone by clicking the "REDEEM" button and entering your store code. You can change this code in your account settings to something unique your staff will remember. See how that works on our one-page redemption flyer.

What if a person comes in with a paper certificate? No problem. You can complete the transaction by scanning the QR code on the certificate with your own smartphone. You can also sign in at, click the yellow REDEEM CERTIFICATE button in the main nav, then find the customer's name and click the blue REDEEM button.

How many customers will discover my business through the Nift Giftfest?

Once you join Nift and create a gift, we'll review it and offer it during the Giftfest. Most businesses can expect an average of 10 Nift customers to come through the door. If you'd like to be introduced to more customers, let us know. If you'd like to be introduced to fewer people, we can also adjust your gift to set a limit on how many potential customers see it. Either way, you can manage how many Nift customers come through your door with the Nift Giftfest.

What happens after the Nift Giftfest?

We hope you'll continue using Nift to thank your best customers and get discovered by even more. If you'd like to learn more about how Nift helps neighborhood businesses bring more great customers through the door, please visit our business page. If you have more questions about how Nift works, you can also visit our FAQ section.