Este Septiembre, vamos a dar $270k en Nifts a los residentes de Lawrence, Andover y North Andover para que gasten en negocios locales para ayudar a las comunidades afectadas el año pasado.


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couch + cork

couch + cork provides in-home and virtual educational wine tastings and classes along with accessories perfect for entertaining.

Afiliado 8/27/2020
Vermont Bike & Brew

Vermont Bike & Brew seeks to improve access to the outdoors and support local partner business through self-guided electric bike rentals and tours. Locally owned and operated in Thetford, VT.

Afiliado 9/8/2020
Ancient Roots Massage and Wellness

My hearts work is rooted in ancient Chinese and Japanese Medicine. This focuses on a variety of techniques including; Amma Massage with a blend of Shiatsu therapy working along the channel pathways of the body including acupressure points, cupping moxibustion, shonishin and more. My work is a beautiful balance for all people. These techniques help with both acute and chronic conditions, immune health, injuries, regulates breathing, circulation, emotional health... I hold a safe, empowering, and sacred space for the person I'm working with along with myself. I abide by CDC and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations for massage therapists.

Afiliado 11/13/2020
Shelburne Athletic Club

A welcoming, extremely clean health club featuring cardio and weight equipment, fitness classes including MyZone, Spinning, Yoga, Zumba and much more.

Afiliado 9/1/2020
C4 Energy

C4 Energy is the leader in mental and performance energy, built for the out performers and overachievers working tirelessly to unleash their potential.

Afiliado 9/18/2020
High Definition Fitness

HD Fitness will introduce you to a modern style of prop-based yoga. We use props such as the Yoga Trapeze, Yoga Wheel, Massage Balls, blocks and straps to help all yoga experience levels advance their practice. Whether you already attend yoga classes on a regular basis or are interested in discovering the benefits of yoga, you can expect to experience a new, fun and challenging workout at HD. Our athletic yoga and fitness classes deliver a high intensity, yet low impact workout that is safe for sensitive joints and ligaments. We do not use any heavy weights, instead we use our own body weight, suspension, and isometric holds to build functional strength. Our restorative classes are slower paced and provide movement therapy for those looking for a recovery day activity or those just looking for a way to relieve body tension or stress. These classes help to relieve pain and improve mobility with myofascial release and deep, supported stretching.

Afiliado 12/17/2020

Embark on your spiritual journey with high quality metaphysical products from Confetti VIP VIP. Vibrantly In Power

Afiliado 10/1/2020
Rabble-Rouser Chocolate & Craft Co.

Rabble-Rouser is a worker-owned factory for high quality chocolate and granola. We operate a community-centered espresso cafe that features local artisan gifts, crafts, and jewelry.

Afiliado 8/31/2020
Perky Planet Coffee

We designed Perky Planet to provide competitively paid and meaningful employment to Vermonters with disabilities. Our in-house roasted coffee and house made pastries are sure to please!

Afiliado 9/1/2020
Plant People

Plants power people. We all rely on our planet’s plants for a balanced climate, good health and overall resilience in our collective existence. That's why our mission is to connect and heal through the power of plants. We've crafted our products to harness that incredible power, helping people with a wide range of needs.

Afiliado 11/9/2020

Trayendo nuevos y fieles clientes a tu negocio

Rock the Register es una iniciativa que busca ayudar a las comunidades de Lawrence, Andover y North Andover a recuperarse de los eventos ocurridos el septiembre pasado. Nift y Rock the register trabajan juntos para ayudar a los negocios locales a traer nuevos clientes, logrando que los residentes y la comunidad conozcan las opciones locales y se vuelvan clientes fieles, ayudando a la economía local.

¿Cómo Nift ayuda a la iniciativa? Nift utiliza giftcards llamadas "Nifts" para incentivar a que las personas visiten los negocios locales y que sus ventas crezcan. En Septiembre vamos a entregar más de 8000 nifts gift cards a los residentes que sufrieron daños por las explosiones de gas del año pasado. Cada uno de los Nifts tiene un valor de $30 y cuando los residentes las activen los emparejará, según sus gustos personales, con un negocio local que se vio afectado por los eventos del año pasado. Al atraer nuevos clientes, Nift y Rock the Register están ayudando a que los negocios locales se apoyen mutamente y logren levantar las comunidades de Lawrence, Andover y North Andover.


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