"Nift is a really great way to get exposure on a local, grassroots level." Elizabeth Collins, Balance Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Providence, RI

Inside a historic former mill in Providence, RI, two driven entrepreneurs operate their wellness-focused clinics in the same shared space. Elizabeth Collins runs Balance Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, offering various types of acupuncture, cupping, and bodywork to a growing number of clients. A classically trained Chinese herbalist, Collins is also expanding her apothecary business, which offers various health-and wellness-promoting tinctures, salves, and balms.

Her co-tenant, Tiffany Silliman Cohen, is equally serious about improving the health and wellness of her clients. Cohen launched Silliman Massage four years ago in Burlington, VT, then moved to Providence in 2015. Through bodywork, she relieves chronic pain and stress and gives her clients the tools they need to live happier, healthier lives.

Although the specific techniques of the two women differ, they share many of the same goals. Both of them have been searching for creative, effective ways to grow their businesses, and it was Collins who introduced Cohen to Nift
"Because It's Local People"

Both Collins and Silliman Cohen have tested different marketing programs, including coupon-style offerings, Yelp advertising, and more traditional gift cards. "So far the biggest draw of clients has been from Nift, because it's local people," says Cohen.

"Because It's Local People"

Both Collins and Silliman Cohen have tested different marketing programs, including coupon-style offerings, Yelp advertising, and more traditional gift cards. "So far the biggest draw of clients has been from Nift, because it's local people," says Cohen.

It Couldn't
be Easier

Nift is a curated network of local businesses. Each member business creates an offer – a $45 credit for services, in Balance's case – and specifies the number of times it can be redeemed in a month.

Businesses in the community thank their customers with Nift cards. The recipient then has a chance to redeem one of two offers. If they express an interest in wellness, they could potentially pick one of the offers from Balance or Silliman.

"First time trying acupuncture. Great experience!" - Caitlin D.

The market for these services in particular is significant: when Balance and Silliman launched with Nift, 3,380 local customers had recently said they wanted to discover a new business in the wellness space.

"Mostly I want exposure and repeat business," Collins adds, "and I have gotten that."

75% of customers have returned or intend to return to Balance.

Join Nift to Acquire Local Customers
"I find with Nift, people are more likely to come back, or they're more likely to rate me so that other people can find me," explains Collins. "So it actually works better as a local marketing tool as opposed to something like Groupon where people come in, get their service, and then go about their business."

Thanked customers are likely to return 2.2x as much.

Join Nift to Drive Client Retention
By joining the Nift network, Balance and Silliman Massage also have a new way to promote customer retention by distributing Nift cards to their valued clients. "I'm giving away physical cards right now," says Collins. "I try to give the cards to people who I know will use them. People who are local. People love it. It's like a little present. They get very excited."

"It's really simple for the customer...
and it's simple for me, too."

Join Nift to Streamline Marketing
Nift is designed to be simple to use. That applies both to business owners, who are too busy to waste time learning to master a new technology, and their customers. "It's really simple for the customer," notes Collins. "It streamlines the process really nicely so people don't have to put a lot of forethought into it. And it's simple for me, too."

The transparency of the service is a plus for Cohen. "I like seeing the data, how you can see the general areas people are coming from on the map," she says. "It's nice being able to see how many people have seen the offer, how many have said I want it."

Increasing Word of Mouth Within the Community

Join Nift to Find Social Media Boosters
Nift customers cover all demographics, but the technology naturally draws social-media-savvy individuals who are more likely to promote your business after a positive experience.

"I'm very glad that I was Nifted this massage! It was perfect. I also highly recommend Silliman Massage & Bodywork." - Michaela H., a new Silliman Massage client

Quality Gifts, Not Discounts.

In addition to the benefits outlined above, one of the major distinctions between Nift and coupon-style marketing programs is that the latter often devalues the service or products offered. This is not the case with Nift, according to Cohen. "People talk about Nift as a gift, not a discount," she says. "It's more like a bonus. As a consumer, I'm more drawn to that than a big box store type offer." The results suggest that Nift customers share that preference, and Nift will continue delivering quality customers as Balance and Silliman transition into their next phase of growth, and these two women realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Balance Acupuncture & Silliman Massage

Makeup and Wellness
189 Governor Street, Suite 202, Providence, RI 02906


Are you a small business owner? Want to thank your best customers, get discovered by even more customers, and support local businesses? Give Nift a try.