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The Common Kitchen, Clarksville, MD 21029
(240) 319-4011

Koshary by MISTEKA

Egyptian Casual Eatery, Vegan Casual Eatery


Though “Mediterranean” food is available in abundance, nothing really tasted like home, Egypt. This is how Koshary by Misteka (check what the names means “koshary” & “Misteka“) was born. Misteka Foods started as a Mediterranean inspired brand looking to share authentic delicious flavors with the Baltimore-Washington area. An area so vibrant, multi-cultured and so diverse in every way, including taste, views and beliefs. DC taught us A LOT about food trends, proper nutrition and food fads, but Charm City is where our journey took a detour because Charm City felt,
tasted and smelled so much like my beloved home. Cairo, A beautiful city so full of Untapped potential. A city with many faces, beautiful and ugly, but none more startling than the face of hunger. The scarcity of good food in some areas of Charm City forced us to make a stop and wonder if we are doing enough. At Misteka We’ve always wanted to be purposeful. We’ve always dreamt of creating a ripple effect of goodness. Baltimore showed us the way.

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The Common Kitchen, Clarksville, MD 21029
(240) 319-4011