"A great way to get our name out there and get people through the door." Katie Flanagan Wason, Executive Director, Studio U, Boston, MA

As executive director of Boston's Studio U, Katie Flanagan Wason is determined to bring an encouraging, family-friendly feel to the region's fitness community. Her studio unifies the gym experience, providing customers a one-stop shop for cardio, strength training, and group fitness. With locations in Boston and Newton, Studio U appeals to a variety of exercise enthusiasts, including students, young professionals, and families. The goal for every demographic? Help visitors "find happiness through fitness." To that end, Studio U welcomes visitors of all levels with open arms.

Previous efforts to market Studio U to Boston's fitness community fell short; "I do most of the in-house marketing. We send emails out, I make all the posters for the events and we use social media," says Flanagan Wason. But Studio U needed a more efficient way of reaching a broader range of customers and collecting feedback. Then, Flanagan Wason found Nift.
Bring in New Customers

Upon discovering Nift, Flanagan Wason immediately saw the benefits for Studio U. "We thought: this is a great way to get our name out there, get some people through the door and hit clientele that we wouldn’t be able to to hit alone," she says.

Bring in New Customers

Upon discovering Nift, Flanagan Wason immediately saw the benefits for Studio U. "We thought: this is a great way to get our name out there, get some people through the door and hit clientele that we wouldn’t be able to to hit alone," she says.

It Couldn't
be Easier

Upon receiving a Nift, each client enters a unique code online. They select their preferred business categories and can choose between two gifts in their neighborhood. If they opt for Studio U's gift, (a three-class pack) customers receive their classes and are "ready to go."

Thanks to Nift’s integration with MINDBODY, redemption is nearly hands off for Flanagan Wason, who can remain focused on welcoming clients and showing them around the studio.

"Small classes were great, and I love the feel of the studio!" - Julia C.

Nothing makes new visitors feel welcome quite like a gift bag, and Flanagan Wason incorporates Nift gift cards in her own. "When we would do events, I would make baggies...I'd always stick a Nift card in there...I love the cards!" Whether offered in a gift bag or displayed on a table, Nift cards make new and existing clientele feel appreciated, benefiting Studio U’s customer retention efforts.

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99% of Nift users are new to Studio U

Join Nift to Acquire Local Customers
Flanagan Wason reports that the customers who discover her business by way of Nift have never visited or even heard of Studio U despite living or working in the area. "There are a variety of class options. I tried barre for the first time and the instructor was wonderful."- Julie M. a new Studio U customer.

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60% of customers have already been back or intend to return.

Join Nift to Find New Regulars
Nift customers are not bargain hunters. Once they walk through the door to experience Studio U’s three class pack, they are eager to return on their own. "We have a whole handful of members now that originally came from Nift, which is wonderful. We love that," says Flanagan Wason.

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64% of customers would recommend Studio U

Join Nift to Connect with Customers
Flanagan Wason is pleased by her customers’ feedback — and she loves that Nift makes it so easy for visitors to share their thoughts. After a class, Nift students can rate their experience with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down, along with a comment and indication of whether they intend to return. "If something's not right or they didn't like it, I get the chance to reach out to them and try to make it right." At the end of each trial, she's eager to learn how she can encourage a repeat visit.

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An additional $290 per new customer

Join Nift to Drive Quality Customers Through The Door
"The great thing about Nift is you’re always on top of it," says Flanagan Wason. Thanks to her Nift dashboard, she is able to track Studio U’s performance in the network. Every customer who arrives at Studio U by way of Nift brings an additional $290 on average to the gym.

"Easy. Reliable. Helpful."

As the daughter of a small business owner, Flanagan Wason immediately loved the concept of Nift: "A small business trying to help other small businesses, we’re in, sign us up." The reason why Flanagan Wason was intrigued by Nift is because it falls in a unique category among customer acquisition services. She appreciates the local, small business focus and helpful customer service Nift provides. Studio U had been part of the Nift network since the very beginning. "They’re just part of what we do now… It feels like family."


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Are you a small business owner? Want to thank your best customers, get discovered by even more customers, and support local businesses? Give Nift a try.