We're having fun, we're breaking the rules, and we're growing.

Elery Pfeffer

Founder and CEO

Ami Levy Moonshine

Founding Team Member, N.T. and Senior Data Scientist

Ana Maria Romay

Founding Team Member, VP Brand & UX

Lior Nir

Founding Team Member, VP Product Development

Kathryn Maguire

Founding Team Member, VP Business Development

Vikram Kumar

Chief Architect

Paul Gillooly

Principal Full Stack Engineer

Emily George

Operations & Strategy

David Parkes

Founding Team Member, Chief Scientist

Danielle Gordon

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Mike Garland

VP Account Management

Kevin Shenk

Customer Success & Operations Team Lead

Anya Blank

Algorithmic Economist / Data Scientist

Bob Macleod

VP of People

Suveer Daswani

Economic Analyst

Mike Whitman

VP Finance

Juan Rocha

Account Management Team Lead

Michael Calixto

Outreach Team

Danny Hansen

Outreach Team

Charles Hopkins

Account Manager

Pat Balles

Senior Director of E-Commerce Sales

Kelly Mammoser

Director of Account Management

Andrew Doherty

Account Executive