Which businesses use Nift?

We've partnered with hundreds of businesses around town. They all offer unique gifts designed to help people truly experience what they have to offer. From tasty tacos to a massage or a gift certificate to a glamorous boutique, there's something for everyone. These are some of our partners:

Does Nift work for all business types?

If your business can make a gift, we can help people discover you.

Brick and Mortar Shops

We excel at bringing customers through the door for restaurants, boutiques, pet stores, and just about any place that offers a physical gift.

Service Businesses

Massage therapists, yoga studios, gyms, salons, life coaches, florists, household cleaning services—all of these types of businesses have great success with Nift.

Local Online Stores

Do you operate an online business from a home or office in the greater Boston area? Can you segment your customers by location? If you can, Nift can work for you, too.